The multidisciplinary sporting event was held at the “Nova Arena” sporting complex. 317 students from ITMO’s Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education attended. The participants competed in several disciplines that they picked during a preliminary vote. The majority chose darts; others tried their hand at tug of war, relay racing and tested their physical fitness. The most spectacular part of the event was a football tournament.

This is the first such event for the faculty. As the chief referee, FSVE deputy head on continuing education Vladimir Korolyov, comments, the football tournament is given the spotlight for a reason – St. Petersburg will become the main city of Confederations Cup next month. The Opening Ceremony will take place on June 17 before a game between Russia and New Zealand. The final game will decide the Confederation Cup winner on July 2.

Vladimir Korolyov

“We’ve decided to time this event to coincide with the Cup – says Vladimir Korolyov. – We did not expect such enthusiasm from the students. They have a pretty serious academic workload so we’re very glad to see them decide to find the time for coming here. An event like this demonstrates that we don’t focus only on education, but we also greatly value physical development and health of our students. I want to point out that sport is what helps our students handle academic work easier. It helps them to unwind emotionally and psychologically”.

Not only professors were invited to judge the contests, but the Faculty’s alumni, too. Evgeniy Safonov is one of them. He played football as a student and, according to him, this practice allows him to keep in touch with his Faculty while participating in an activity he enjoys.

«I graduated from FSVE in 2008, but I still keep in touch with the Faculty. They invited me here as a judge. Back when I was a student we didn’t have School Olympics, but we played football during physical education classes and on our own. It pleases me to see that our Faculty is now at a level where they hold their own sporting events” – says ITMO University graduate Evgeniy Safonov.

Eight teams took part in the football tournament. Among them were current students of FSVE, members of student select teams and alumni. Some of them spoke to ITMO.NEWS about how they manage to juggle education and sports, and how they benefit from regular training.

Alexey Rudakov, student, and Dmitry Pechonkin, alumnus, participants of the football tournament

Dmitry: I’ve been playing football since kindergarten. Despite having already graduated, I was eager to come here and spend some time with old friends. When I was a student we didn’t have events like this. Luckily, our study group had people who also enjoyed football. We made arrangements with our professors, organized games, played at the gym. I’m glad to see how much this tradition has evolved.

Alexey: I’ve been playing since I was nine. Conditions were poorer then, I didn’t even have a playing field when I started. I don’t plan to stop playing even after I graduate. Especially now that there are so many opportunities and places where you can freely play. Almost every neighborhood has a football field, you can rent one, too, so I don’t think this is an issue these days.

Kristina Isaeva and Svetlana Minina, students, football tournament participants.

When we were kids, back in first grade, our PE teacher said we should try football. At first we weren’t interested, but then we gave it a try. We’ve been playing for nine years now. In our hometown we played futsal and then we were invited to ITMO University women’s select team. We’re still new to the team, but we’ve already had a chance to take part in the City Cup. Managing sport and education is easy because we play in the evening. If you find the time, you can do it all. As for future plans – we’re not sure yet, but we definitely won’t leave sports.

Anastasiya Perepelyuk, alumnus, student at ITMO’s Institute of International Business and Law, member of cheerleading team

I’ve been cheerleading for four years now. It was difficult at first, even though I’d trained in dancing and went to stretching classes. We have a wonderful and friendly team. We’ve been to numerous competitions together – we got second place at the International competitions in Italy in 2014 and in 2016 we performed on Palace Square during “Scarlet Sails”. For me, cheerleading is a hobby that is also a source of income. I like studying – I am currently a first-year student at ITMO – and I also like the sport – we train regularly at our gym on Lomonosova Street. I’m very glad I took up this activity four years ago.