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  • How To: Cycling in St. Petersburg

    We here at ITMO like our bikes: they are convenient, eco-friendly, and are a fun, healthy alternative to the city’s public transport. Moreover, they can even be a part of a long-standing tradition, such as our Bike Ride with the Rector. Here is everything you will need to know to explore the bike life in St. Petersburg, courtesy of our staff and students.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #7

    Welcome back to our Monday Science Roundup. Hungry for knowledge? This time, we’ve got a smorgasbord of freshly-caught scientific discoveries, a tasting set of educational opportunities, and a bubbling pot of pop-sci facts!


  • Student Spotlight: Mostafa Abdallah, Egypt

    Hailing from the land of pharaohs, Mostafa is an international student at ITMO. He is currently enrolled in the Foundation Program but will go on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in communication systems. In this interview, he talks about his journey from Cairo to St. Petersburg. Read on to learn more about him and his experiences at ITMO.


  • How Sport Affects Our Cognitive Skills

    Moderate physical exercise boosts our energy by improving blood flow, raising blood sugar levels, and increasing the number of certain neurotransmitters in our brain. However, research shows that non-professional sports can positively affect not only our resource supply, but our cognitive skills, too. Is it true for all ages and health conditions? How long does it actually take to see results from exercise? And which mechanisms lay behind this process? Read on to learn what scientists from ITMO’s Center for Neuroscience in Education who have recently launched a project on students' mental well-being have to say about these and other related questions.


  • This Winter Break in St. Petersburg: Top Destinations for Active & Adventurous Holidays

    If you have your heart set on being your most active self during the holidays, here are some must-visit locations outside the city where you can embrace a great variety of sports and truly dip your toe into the Russian winter.


  • Student Spotlight: Khalil Ibrahim, Syria

    Khalil Ibrahim from Syria is an international student at ITMO and is currently enrolled in a one-year Russian language foundation program before pursuing a Master’s degree in information security. He is a true Madridista at heart and in this conversation he shared with us his love for football and his favorite team. Read along to learn more about his life in St. Pete and his plans for Christmas and New Year.


  • Best Practices and Innovative Projects: Recap of National Student Sports Forum at ITMO University

    On December 2-4, ITMO University hosted the VIII National Forum devoted to the topical issues of further development of student sports in Russia. The opening speech was delivered by Grigory Gurov, the deputy minister of Science and Higher Education. The conference brought together the representatives of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Russian Student Sports Union, the Association of Russian Student Sports Clubs, and rectors of various Russian universities to discuss the county’s priorities in student sports and ways to develop student sports leagues and clubs. Here are the highlights from the meeting.


  • Meet the Winners of ITMO’s First KRONBARS.STARS Sports Scholarship Contest

    This year marked the first KRONBARS.STARS sports scholarship contest for students with unique sports achievements. This time, there are eight winners who got to enroll at the university with minimal Unified State Exam (USE) scores thanks to their successes in basketball, futsal, and rowing. Read on to learn more about ITMO’s new sports stars and their plans for the future.


  • All About Sports at ITMO for Students and Staff

    At ITMO you can do both science and sports! Any member of ITMO.FAMILY can choose the sports club they like most and stay fit. Here are eight facts on how to do it. 


  • Eiffel Towers of St. Petersburg: Controversial Landmarks of the Early 21st Century

    Surprisingly or not, some of the most well-known symbols of individual cities and even entire countries had once been subjects of never-ending debates. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Shard in London… But what about St. Petersburg? Here are some of the most recent architectural projects that have become a truly integral part of the city’s landscape despite the controversy surrounding them.