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  • Phygital Sports Facility To Appear at ITMO Highpark

    Education officials, authorities, athletes, experts in medicine, rehabilitation, and phygital environments, as well as AR/VR developers met for a strategy session to discuss the construction of a phygital sports complex at ITMO Highpark. The facility, which will be a part of the to-be techno valley, will include an esports arena, a concert and exhibition venue, and a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities. The initiative will be funded by private entrepreneurs.


  • KronBars Student Sports Club Wins 10 Million Rubles to Promote Sports in St. Petersburg

    ITMO’s KronBars student sports club has secured the second place in the Ministry of Sport-run national competition for best organization of sports activities on the university level. The club plans to use its 10-million-ruble grant to implement the University of Sport project: to organize events and competitions, start a running community, and update the pool of sports equipment at ITMO. 


  • Stay Fit in Style: 10+ Russian Activewear Brands

    It’s not all about Nike or Adidas when it comes to sports. Check out our list of popular Russian sportswear brands and discover unique options, tailored for every sport.


  • From Slopes to Ice: Exploring Winter Sports at ITMO

    What shall you do when Russian winter knocks on the door? Get outside and try some winter activities! To help you with that, we reached out to KronBars student sports clubs to learn more about unique winter sports available at the university, from beginner-friendly to professional-level ones. What equipment do you need? What are the top locations? Here are their insights on training at ITMO and beyond.


  • Student Spotlight: Mohammad Asiful Islam, Bangladesh

    Meet Mohammad Asiful, a new student from Bangladesh who has recently embarked on an academic journey at ITMO. Asiful is currently enrolled in the Foundation Program, where he's learning Russian language and culture. In this conversation, he will graciously share his extraordinary journey, from how he first learned about Russia to his dreams and ambitions as a student at ITMO. Join us as we delve into the unique experiences of Md. Asiful on this educational odyssey.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: July 8-9, 2023

    It’s the graduation weekend at ITMO, but this is not all the fun that is in store for you this week. From outdoor sports and surrealist displays all the way to the fests of foods, drinks, and roof concerts, we’re getting to celebrate another July weekend in so many ways.


  • Cycling in St. Petersburg: Top Routes and Communities

    There’s no need to wait for a bike ride with the rector to blow the dust off your bicycle! In our previous article, our staff and students shared some tips on where to get a bike and where to fix it. Now that we’re geared up, let's explore the unique cycling environment of our beloved city.


  • ITMO’s 17th Bike Ride With the Rector Doubles Down on Healthiness

    Twice a year (in May and September), members of the ITMO.Family come together for the traditional Bike Ride with the Rector. This year, the cyclists, who took a slightly modified route through Primorsky Victory Park and over Yakhtenniy Bridge, could also opt to participate in the ITMO Pulse study, a part of the university’s larger project be healthy. ITMO.NEWS talked to some of the participants to learn how they stay healthy and fit.


  • Fun & Wacky Sports to Try in St. Petersburg: Part 2

    If you’ve checked out the first part of this series and are craving even more endorphin-pumping activities, both indoor and outdoor, here's what to try next.


  • Student Spotlight: Geraldine Guevara, Colombia

    In today’s interview, we got the opportunity to chat with a super-talented girl from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia who traveled all the way to St. Petersburg to fulfill her dream of studying abroad. Currently enrolled in the Foundation Program at ITMO, Geraldine is a future Bachelor’s student in mechatronics and robotics. But why did she choose Russia as her destination? In her words, it is the culture that enchanted her. Take a deep dive into this beautiful conversation with Geraldine, where we discuss everything from food to motorsports.