If you are a beginner on the lookout for some general workout attire, the brands Demix and Termit, both owned by the Sportmaster activewear chain, are a great place to start: there, you will find tights fit for yoga, cycling, jogging, or rocking the gym, as well as some decent sneakers, joggers, hoodies, and backpacks. Demix also offers football boots and swimming gear, while Termit is a more “boarding”-oriented brand with attire for skating, surfing, and snowboarding. Both brands are reasonably priced and won’t stretch a student budget, especially during sales season.

Yoga / Fitness / Dancing

For yoga aficionados, there is Yoga Dress, a brand founded in 2010 that prides itself on high-quality materials and stylish yoga fits. Unlike many similar companies, this one offers options for both men and women, as well as looser fits made from bamboo. Practicing yoginis can find a whole plethora of options at brands like Almond Crew, Cream Yoga, or Belle You. Though items to be found at these shops can be comfortably worn to a dance class, if you are looking for leotards or ballet clothing, Zidans is the place to go – just scrolling through their catalog can make you want to keep your back straight and move with poise.

Jogging / Cycling / Skiing

“By runners for runners,” reads the slogan of GRI, a brand dedicated to keeping runners comfortable and stylish with their functional clothes. Popular with local running clubs, GRI makes custom jogging tank tops with logos for communities and running events. Sneakers for your running adventures or street style looks can be found at Sigma, a local brand specializing in just that.

Nordski is another brand to keep in mind for runners, as well as skiing and outdoors enthusiasts: they offer warm ski suits, trekking outfits, and jogging gear. Another sports combo is the focus of Veter – the brand specializes in cycling, with all sorts of shorts and tops for various occasions, but also has a jogging collection, featuring everything from socks to T-shirts, so that every element contributes to your performance. 

Credit: Gabin Vallet on Unsplash

Credit: Gabin Vallet on Unsplash


Are you into swimming? Mad Wave, a Russian brand with international presence, has swimming gear for pools and open water with bright, eye-catching designs to boot. Here, you can also get snorkeling masks, goggles, and swimming caps, as well as aqua aerobics equipment. 


With Combasket, you can practice basketball in style, while also protecting your arms and knees thanks to cushioned sleeves. Though quite a niche store, it’s definitely good to keep in mind for those wishing to join ITMO’s KronBars basketball team.

Martial arts & rugby

Whether you are into boxing, karate, or rugby, taking care of your equipment is important, as it ensures your safety in the ring or on the field. At Ray Sport, you can find all sorts of training gear and protective clothing to make your sessions comfortable and you – as protected as possible.


Finally, hiking and camping are quite a thing in Russia, so naturally there are brands with an assortment of camping gear, from clothes and boots to backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. One of the most sought-after brands is Splav (meaning “rafting”), whose popularity is indicated by pictures of their happy clients in the mountains, as featured on their website. Another option to consider is RedFox, which focuses more on rock climbing while also offering solid options for other outdoorsy activities.

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