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  • Test: Most Astonishing Discoveries of 2022

    There is always something cool going on in science – every year, scientists discover new planets, find new minerals, and create unique materials. 2022 was no exception. Let us prove it to you with a test. We’ve prepared 7 amazing but real science news items and 14 fakes – try to guess which are which.


  • The More Chocolate the Better Test Results — What Really Helps to Prepare for Exams?

    Chocolate stimulates brain activity, cheat notes help memorize information better — everybody knows these tips for students who want to pass exams well. Are they scientific facts or just superstitions? Here is what researchers think about these "rules."


  • "Come Out and Solve!" - The First All-Russian Test in Technical Sciences

    On February, 12th, children and adults from all over the world had the chance to participate in the All-Russian Test in Technical Sciences. The test was held in universities all over the country (ITMO was one of such sites in St. Petersburg), and online. The tasks for the test were devised in such a way that they could be solved by anyone versed in technical sciences, even if they have no technical background: the main point of the event was not competing with others, but remembering what you once knew.