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  • St. Petersburg 101: Suburban Trains and Travel on a Budget

    An abundance of incredible destinations around St. Petersburg will open to those brave ones willing to venture into the city’s suburban trains. Here’s your guide on how to do it and discover a whole world beyond the city.


  • Speak Like a Russian: Getting Around

    I’m one of those people who like to explore various places on their own, and I often prompt others to do the same: I believe that going with a guide or pre-planning too much can spoil a good adventure. Still, being adventurous doesn’t mean coming ill-prepared, especially in a different country, where getting lost can become a real problem. So, let’s learn some basic words that will help you in this kind of a situation.


  • Do Smart Traffic Lights Dream of Self-Driving Cars? Traffic Expert Nil Podozerov Thinks So

    What is a smart traffic light and how does it work? In what way is this technology related to the virtual reality? Nil Podozerov, Science Director of RIPAS SpB, has answered these questions in his recent lecture at ITMO University’s Institute of Design and Urban Studies. The expert also talked about the technological tools his company uses to ensure road traffic safety.


  • Secret Rules of Russian Public Transport

    Recently, an Indian student who came to study at ITMO commented on how organized the transit system is in St. Petersburg. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. Maybe he was impressed by how everything comes on time or the fact that you can take public transport to the most obscure parts of the city. Now, I think he was talking about all the unwritten rules that every local knows… how to navigate the mysterious world of public transportation.


  • Creators of Road Accident Solver on How Their Project Saves Lives

    Road Accident Solver is a project developed as part of ITMO University’s Future Technologies acceleration program and focuses on automated road accident analysis and automated filling out of European Accident Statement forms. The project also includes a map of road accidents based on user data. Those involved in such incidents can provide information on their cars, the conditions of each accident and its location. Such a system saves time and identifies problematic areas. The system also helps fight insurance fraud. The project’s founder Evgeny Tyulkin spoke to ITMO.NEWS about his team’s work and the goals that motivated them over the past five years of development.


  • ITMO Researchers Study the Prospects of Switching to Driverless Transport

    The rapid development of driverless vehicles makes it quite possible that in the coming decades, the role of drivers in transport will gradually peter out. ITMO’s researchers decided to model a situation  when all private transport in St. Petersburg is replaced by autonomous cars that work as taxis. It turned out that the amount of taxis necessary to meet the city’s transport demand is ten times less than the number of private cars in the city, the average ride through the city will take about 16 minutes, and the wait time for 85% of the rides will be less than 10 minutes. Valentina Solovyova, staff member for ITMO's “Optimal Transport Systems” Laboratory expanded on the research in an interview for ITMO.NEWS.


  • 10 Top Tech Trends of 2018: Part Two

    What technology will actually change users’ lives in 2018 and which trends are worth incorporating into business? This was the topic of discussion earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest annual international exhibition of consumer electronics, which took place in Las Vegas. In the second part of our article, we will talk about five more trends which Gartner, Deloitte and other top companies are raving about. Read the first part of the article here.


  • Relocation Tips: Using Public Transport in St. Petersburg

    Saint Petersburg has a vast transportation network that is easy to pay for and use. You can get around town using the metro (“so deep it goes below the permafrost”), buses, trams, trolleybuses, commercial minibuses called “marshrutka” and many taxis. Here’s a primer on how to get anywhere without breaking the bank.