According to Ekaterina Egoshina, head of Marketing Department, ITMO University offers its` students various trainings that teach how to promote one`s ideas and make high-tech business. They are intended not only for senior and Master students, but also for the freshmen of Technological Management and Innovations` Department. A course called “Life orienteering” is developed for first year students to prepare them for business activities. Taking part in these programs students interact with researchers and officials of small innovative enterprises based on ITMO University. They also get a basic knowledge in managing, consulting and case practices.

“There is no point to make engineering students attend marketing lectures if they don`t want to do that. The most important things we need for interdisciplinary bounds are motivated students and interesting projects. One has to initiate matchmaking areas for the interaction of future managers and researchers,” underlined Ms. Egoshina.

At a roundtable meeting “Import Substitution. Eco areas. Innovative Russia” the experts and representatives of technical universities discussed new inventions. According to   Sergei Filatov, one of the initiators of the project and representative of the Union of small and medium Russian entrepreneurs “Edinenie,” enthusiasm is an integral part of promotion of new technologies.

“Look at young people.  I think that in five years they will have changed Russian civil society making it more creative and effective. Our project supports those who are ready to develop innovative products,” said the experts.

Gennady Lukianov, head of Chair of Sensing Equipment, made his speech at the meeting and talked about the project, developed under his leadership. Mr. Lukianov and his colleagues developed a heat-sensor estimated radiators` activity. According to him, it knows no equals because of a unique measurement technology. Moreover, the device is cheaper than other heat-sensors.

Alexander Chernopolsky, took part in the meeting among other participants. Mr. Chernopolsky presented a multiprocess fail-operative system for blast furnace iron production and steel industry. The device controls liquid metal level in melting furnaces.

“The other invention that we developed is a special cardio system, which “researches” a health state of a patient and then makes short-term predictions about probable diseases. We are going to implement it into the market next year,” noted the expert.

According to Mr. Filatov, it is planned to unite the information about all innovative inventions into a program document so as to show it for the government and investors.