Before becoming a president of the AEGEE branch in St. Petersburg, Anastasia Kachesova joined AEGEE events as a participant while studying at university. She visited several countries, met new people and then decided that she wanted to achieve more. AEGEE is based on democracy — all presidents and heads are elected by other members. Anastasia took this opportunity and now she is in charge of tons of things like organizing events, supervising AEGEE meetings, participating in negotiations and so forth.

«It may seem that participating in AEGEE is just hanging out with international friends all over Europe. However my experience in the field of social activities helped me to find a good job!»

The AEGEE is a nonprofit organization, which is not supported by any political party and governmental institution. However AEGEE sessions aim to make young people socially responsible, attract their attention to civic affairs of their native countries and involve them in challenging public issues, for example human rights and environmental control.

To become a member of the AEGEE each young person aged from 18 to 35 can submit an application on the official website of the organization. Those who are ready to pay a membership fee can take part in AEGEE events. The most popular sessions are «summer universities.» It means that it is more difficult to be selected for participation. Many students accept this challenge — they match wits with creating the most extraordinary motivation letters. «To present themselves students use various ways — most people write essays, others make self-presentation videos. I remember an IT student who created a website to talk about himself!» shared Anastasia.

According to Ms. Kachesova any initiative is welcome. It means that everybody can offer to organize a meeting, event or project and AEGEE will help with logistics, management and other necessary aspects. Such collaboration is beneficial for both AEGEE and young people because it introduces something new to activities of the organization and at the same time assists youth to gain the soft skills necessary for their future career. It is well known that a good job where you can gain useful experience is hard to find because employers usually look for skilled specialists. This problem can be solved if a student pays attention to extra curricula activities, as a degree is not the only thing one has to obtain to be employed.

«AEGEE participants travel a lot! However we are not a travel agency — here students receive unique skills such as management, communication and other soft skills that are necessary for a successful career. We don’t give certificates and diplomas but be assured that AEGEE will help you fill in your CV!»

Currently the «AEGEE Sankt-Peterburg» organizes a «winter university» in cooperation with ITMO’s Institute of Design and Urban Studies. The program is to include lectures on peculiarities of St. Petersburg urban area and excursions around the city.

«The winter university is in progress, so we are happy to receive any help by ITMO students. If urban disciplines, the culture of St. Petersburg or other similar areas correlate with you interests please contact me,» summed up the president of the «AEGEE Sankt-Peterburg.»

Anastasia Kachesova, President of the «AEGEE Sankt-Peterburg»