Who can participate in the competition?

Anyone can apply for and take part in the competition – both those already working at ITMO (internal candidates) and those who haven’t joined its team yet. All candidates have to meet the standards of the ITMO Code, presented as a formula V+F+PS+SS, where V stands for values, F – fundamental, PS – professional skills, and SS – soft skills. 

How to apply?

Internal candidates should apply via ITMO University’s management information system (ISU). All relevant instructions are available on their ISU page. 

External candidates, meanwhile, should send an email to priem_pps@itmo.ru containing a scanned application form with a personal signature, a list of publications for the last three years (as a Word document), and consent to the processing of personal data.

The candidates who are registered in ISU submit their scanned documents via the system (in the application Конкурс ППС – the competition for academic positions).

The candidates who don’t have an ISU account can send the printed-out documents in the established format (in Russian) via regular mail (to 197101, Russia, St. Petersburg, Kronverksky Pr. 49, ITMO University, Department of Academic Affairs) or email the scan-copies to priem_pps@itmo.ru.

Competitive selection for academic positions at ITMO University
Competitive selection for academic positions at ITMO University

Who can get disqualified from participating?

A candidate gets disqualified from participating in the competitive selection for academic positions at ITMO University if:

  • the documents they have submitted fail to meet the requirements for the desired position (subject to the established qualification category);

  • they fail to submit all the necessary documents;

  • fail to meet the established application deadlines.

Candidates have the right to familiarize themselves with the conditions of a proposed employment contract and ITMO University’s collective employment agreement, as well as to be present remotely when their candidacy is considered at the session of the competition committee.

What are the key stages and timeline of the competition?

The process of ITMO University’s competitive selection for academic positions is formalized as per the legislation of the Russian Federation. The entirety of the procedure spans two months from the moment the competition is announced to the moment the decision has been made:

  • March 20 – April 19, 2020 – the applications are received from candidates; 

  • May 12, 2020 – the decisions are made on qualifying/disqualifying the candidates for/from participating in the competitive selection, followed by informing the candidates about the decisions made;

  • May 13–19, 2020 –  the HR committees and/or the academic boards of the structural units consider the documents submitted;

  • May 20  – June 2, 2020 – final decisions are made by vote of the academic boards; 

  • no later than June 5, 2020 – the results of the competition are published on its webpage

  • within 30 calendar days from the day the academic boards elect the candidates for the positions – employment contracts (supplementary agreements to employment contracts) are signed.

ITMO University students
ITMO University students

If a candidate who successfully passed the competitive selection to fill a specific position didn’t enter into an employment contract on their own initiative during the specified period (30 calendar days from the date the academic boards moved to approve the selected candidates for their positions), the position they were qualifying for is again proclaimed vacant.

What does the qualification committee check?

As the applications come in, the qualification committee checks the applications and the documents (or their copies) submitted by the applicants for whether they meet the requirements subject to the qualification categories established for their respective vacancies.

How do I know which position from the vacancies list I can qualify for? 

The main documents that determine the choice of a vacancy are:

Education at ITMO University
Education at ITMO University

Where can I find additional information about existing vacancies and how do I follow the competition process?

All information can be found on the official webpage (in Russian) of the competition for academic positions at ITMO University: head there for organizational details, vacancies in all university units, competition dates, official documents and qualification requirements for academic positions; documents at ITMO, the documents that need to be submitted for participation in the competition and the accepted ways they can be submitted in; information about the relevant contacts. 

For questions regarding the application process contact Irina Panina, head of Educational Programs Implementation Office, at priem_pps@itmo.ru.

General questions can be addressed to Aleksandr Pirogov, deputy head of the Department of Program Design and Implementation, at pirogov@itmo.ru.

In addition to teaching positions, a lot of other job openings – scientific, IT-related, administrative – are currently available at ITMO University. Their list can be found here

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