You get to choose:

  • the courses (modules/full semester)

  • the format (online/offline)

  • the level (basic/advanced)

  • the language of your classes (modules) and internships

  • the locations of internships

  • extra optional courses

  • the order in which you’ll take each course (if you’re studying them in short-term modules)

  • your major.

Students can make their choices starting from the first day of studies. For the 2020/2021 academic year the system will be available on:

  • September 2 for first-year Bachelor’s, Specialist, and Master’s students

  • September 1 for second-year and third-year Bachelor’s and Specialist students.

In order to make a conscious choice, we suggest you do some research in advance. You should:

  • find out what your options are, so that you don’t fall behind and miss out on interesting opportunities and lectures.

  • read the descriptions of available courses carefully. It will allow you to make a conscious choice and save time once the registration is open – by that time, you should decide what options are best for you.

  • make a list of courses in order of priority. That way, you will have a plan B in case you miss an opportunity to choose the class you want most.

You can find more information considering the courses here (for Bachelor’s/Specialist’s students) and here (for Master’s students), as well as in this article (in English). 

Read more about module courses here (in Russian).

The number of students who can choose a certain course or major is strictly limited. You can change your decision during the first two weeks of attending the chosen courses. The students who don’t make a choice on time will be automatically registered for available courses.

Keep in mind that if you want to change your decision or make it too late, you will miss the introductory classes where all the basic information considering the class will be given. That’s why it’s important to think about your choices in advance. Don’t postpone it and make the most of the options available to you.

Remember that if you are a Master’s student in an international educational program and you want your diploma to state that the program was conducted in English, you should pick courses, modules, internships, and majors taught in English exclusively.

More information on choosing the courses will be available on ISU from August 31. Follow the news on ISU and don’t miss your chance to make some great choices!

Department of Academic Affairs