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  • Entrepreneur, Law Firm Founder, and Master’s Student Rodion Juryev: You Only Live When You Learn

    Rodion Juryev studies cognitive technologies and quantum intelligence at ITMO University – all while running a legal firm and a business in Skolkovo, applying for patents for his inventions, and planning his PhD studies. This semester, he joined an academic mobility program to travel to Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico), where he studies financial viability assessment and production planning and control in addition to learning the Spanish language. Rodin spoke with us and explained why he decided to get a Master’s degree despite having accomplished himself as a legal expert and entrepreneur, how he combines work and studies, and what experiences his exchange semester in Mexico has given him.


  • Living Paintings, Eco-Friendly Education and Compact Robots: The Results of “It’s Your Call!” Winter School

    The winter school "It’s Your Call!" 2020, jointly organized by ITMO University and Sberbank is over. Five days of lectures, workshops and teamwork under the leadership of a mentor allowed each of the eighteen teams to complete their own project and defend it as a short presentation. Top six projects made it to the finals, while the winning team received not only the opportunity to enter ITMO University without having to pass the entrance exam, but also valuable gifts – electric scooters.


  • International Opportunities for ITMO Students: How to Join a Semester Exchange Program

    Twice a year, ITMO University students have an opportunity to go abroad for an exchange semester. They can choose from over 200 of ITMO’s partner universities in 30 countries around the world. Curious to learn how you can apply for an exchange program, where to get a grant and what other opportunities are there? Read on to learn all about it. 


  • It’s Your Call! Winter School Kicks Off at ITMO University

    Over the course of five days, students from all over Russia will be attending lectures, taking part in workshops and preparing team projects. The winners will get the opportunity to enroll in ITMO’s Master’s and PhD studies without entrance examinations. The event’s general partner is Sberbank of Russia.


  • Active Learning: 7 Ways to Increase Students’ Motivation and Engagement

    As part of the ITMO.EXPERT project, ITMO University held a workshop on the strategies of active learning. Participating as speakers were the ITMO lecturers who’d recently completed an internship at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary: Anna Balabanova, a tutor at Foreign Language Training Center; Stanislav Kim, an engineer at the Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics; and Ivan Loginov, an assistant at the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems. More on the seven key active learning concepts discussed at the workshop in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Besting Elon Musk at Memristors and Making a Vascular System Model to End Animal Testing: Results of SCAMT Workshop Week

    Yet another installment of the international winter school SCAMT Workshop Week has recently wrapped up at ITMO University. Over the course of a week, more than 40 participants from different Russian cities were attending lectures, collaborating on scientific projects, mastering working with state-of-the-art equipment and just getting to know each other. ITMO.NEWS met the organizers and students to find out what they’d found the most memorable.


  • ITMO Students Win a Grant from Gazprom Neft for Their Project on Abandoned Cars

    At the end of 2019, the results of a scholarship competition organized by ITMO University in collaboration with Gazprom Neft were announced. Among the winners is a team of ITMO University students, who came up with a comprehensive solution to the problem of abandoned cars, which involves their search, sorting and recycling. The students took first place in their track and were awarded a grant of 70,000 rubles. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, they share their experiences of working on the project and their thoughts regarding the issue of abandoned cars. 


  • Micro-Mobility, Fiber Concrete, Nanomaterials: Students Propose Innovations for ITMO Highpark Campus

    A series of workshops on creating a comfortable territorial ecosystem of ITMO Highpark has recently kicked off in St. Petersburg. The first workshop brought together students of three St. Petersburg’s universities – ITMO University, St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and International Banking Institute, who discussed the project of ITMO Highpark’s future dormitory building in the brainstorming format. In the course of two days, the students had to come up with solutions that would facilitate the implementation of the project and reduce its cost. Young architects, engineers and economists presented their ideas, some of which can potentially reduce the cost of the project by several million rubles.


  • A Series of Workshops on ITMO Highpark’s Ecosystem Kicks Off in St. Petersburg

    The workshop “New materials and technologies for the creation of comfortable territorial ecosystem of ITMO Highpark” has kicked off at the Boiling Point (Tochka Kipenia) space of the International Banking Institute in St. Petersburg. Over the course of two days, its participants will brainstorm solutions for new innovative materials and technologies for building state-of-the-art campus dormitories south of the city as part of the ITMO Highpark project. ITMO.NEWS attended the workshop’s opening to find out what tasks are the participants set with, how the work will be conducted and what innovations can be introduced into the plan of ITMO Highpark as a result. 


  • Lift-Off Festival: Rock Bands of ITMO Students and Graduates Cross Guitars for the Prize

    ITMO University’s 120th anniversary year is the time to celebrate not only its scientific and educational achievements but also the potential of its students and graduates, including in the fields of sport, creativity and music. Over the years, lots of bands have been formed at ITMO, and this is why the coordinators of the anniversary events program decided to organize the Lift-Off rock music festival. Read on to learn how it all happened!


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