Although I can’t remember the last time I had an exam and I have a habit of treating myself to something rather more material – or, well, eatable – for my successes, I believe We Are the Champions by Queen should be the song to walk out of your last exam or celebrate your biggest and even smallest wins to. Yes, it’s a victory anthem, and yes, it says “we” in its lyrics, but who cares if you make it “I” (or leave it as is to make it your group celebratory tune) to blast it for your “pass,” “accepted,” or whatever other walking-legend moment.


Although some student life moments have already started to fade, I will never forget the sense of freedom that comes with passing your final exam in the semester. Now, the world is your oyster, the oyster where you finally are able to get a good night's sleep and do all that fun stuff you’ve been putting off for ages. For me, the song that perfectly captures this victorious freedom is У нас есть все by СПБЧ. Listening to it felt like throwing a small party to infinite post-exam life.


A new era of exams has only recently begun for me and I am glad to have a tradition in place for celebrating life after passing them. Once all the all the studying is done and all the tests are passed, I turn to my dedicated trusty playlist and dance to such gems as Feeling Good by Muse, Champion by Fall Out Boy, Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen (they seem to have a knack for celebratory songs), and, yes, Miracle Aligner by The Last Shadow Puppets linked above. The latter one was a favorite for its extra leisurely vibe and the slightly crazy dance moves performed by Alex Turner and Miles Kane in the music video. I mean, you can hardly keep still watching them – and that’s the whole point; pure stress-relief.


Perhaps, for the most part, my playlist can be called boring, or even depressing – so it’s kind of surprising how many tracks I have that scream out loud that I’ve done a really good job, and now it's time to celebrate it! 


It’s been a while since I’ve taken an exam, but if I were to have one tomorrow, I know what I’d follow it up with. Whether fan or music critic, everyone likes to rib Beck about his often-nonsensical lyrics, but isn’t that exactly what you need from the kind of tune that you just put on and let the beat take over? Though there are plenty to choose from, my pick goes to Seventh Heaven – a funky, upbeat track from an equally funky, upbeat album.