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  • Song of the Month: July 2022

    In our latest musical digest, we’ve shared some of the songs that helped us focus and relax this month.


  • Song of the Month: June 2022

    It seems like the first summer month has almost passed! As always, we’ve made a compilation of our musical favorites that were a soundtrack to this June.


  • Song of the Month: May 2022

    We’re happy to share our May playlist, on which you’ll find TV soundtracks, upbeat indie bangers, and dreamy tunes that helped us stay inspired this month and hopefully will do the same to you.


  • Song of the Month: April 2022

    Our editorial team’s monthly digest of musical favorites is here! Tune in to check out what we’ve been enjoying this April.


  • Song of the Month: March 2022

    Nostalgic, heartfelt, goosebump-inducing and more – here is what our March was like in tunes, melodies, and lyrics. 


  • Song of the Month: February 2022

    As we say goodbye to winter, we look onward – to a brighter, sunnier time of renewal and growth. Join us as we share the songs that have given us joy and hope this month.


  • Song of the Month: January 2022

    January may feel a bit like a rollercoaster: first, you get over the week-long holidays and then you have to get back to working as usual, pass some exams, or both, all in the midst of this snowy and frosty winter. However, catchy tunes always come to the rescue – here’s our editorial team’s monthly list of musical favorites.  


  • Song of the Month: November 2021

    Here are the songs that helped us live through one of the gloomiest months of the year – the much dreaded November!


  • Song of the Month: October 2021

    How’s your autumn going so far? The weather has been surprisingly nice, so we’ve been enjoying this season – and not without a soundtrack! Here are some of our favorite tunes to dance, walk, and relax to this October.


  • Song of the Month: September 2021

    Ready to plunge headfirst into the hallmark blues of St. Petersburg autumn or craving some delicious comfort and toe-tapping? We’ve got you covered with our signature song selection of the month! So get ‘em headphones ready.