Coincidentally or not but Танцы (Dances) by Ssshhhiiittt! is the song that makes me dance inside at the very least whenever and wherever it reaches my ears. Though it has more fire in its chorus rather than its verses, the tune is pretty amped and incredibly addictive, which makes it a perfect song for the dance floor – or any other floor, after all, tapping your foot or shaking your head to the rhythm is dancing, too.


Although I dance once in a blue moon, I’m not picky: anything with a strong beat would do. My top choice in this category so far is Светлая музыка (Light Music) by Bad Balance. This early ‘00s anthem was a particularly recent discovery for me. It caught me off guard with its cheerful and kind-hearted (which is rare for hip-hop songs) lyrics and unconditionally moving tunes.


I am not much of a dancer, so most of my performances happen as I attempt yet another baking experiment with my trusty playlist for company. Lately, I’ve been inspired to try and add more female voices to it – and ended up discovering Lady Gaga outside A Star Is Born for the first time. Turns out, there’s nothing like a good old late-oughties disco track to get you moving: I can’t help myself whenever I hear The Fame – it’s an absolute bop. 


The best song for dancing for me is I Don't Feel Like Dancin’  by The Baseballs. A remake of the hit from the '60s, it's perfect for when you need to clean the house… or celebrate a small victory.