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  • Tunes That Make Us Laugh

    Whether you are already in a jolly mood or need a little comedic break in your day, we’ve got you. Here’s our list of goofy, pleasantly weird, off-the-charts songs that never fail to at the very least put a smile on our faces – prepare to have one on yours, too!


  • Our Favorite Movie Soundtracks

    Sometimes, just one song is enough to take you back to that beloved scene in a movie that you know by heart. Today’s songs article is all about just that – our true jams from the world of cinema.


  • Our Post-Exam Party Playlist

    Oh, that magical feeling of passing all exams and anticipation of all the free days ahead… To help you get the most out of it, today we are sharing our favorite tunes for celebrating wins and successes. Let’s throw the biggest dancing party of all time!


  • Our Team’s Top 3 Songs of 2023

    What better way is there to review the year if not to look back on your go-to songs? We’ve done just that – welcome the special end-of-the-year edition of songs, with all our dearest favorites. May 2024 bring even more wonderful, soul-soothing tunes!


  • Our Team’s Wake-Up Playlist

    Rise and shine! Even though the days are now as short as they can get and the sun is a rare visitor in town, we’re still up and about. What’s the secret? Why, it’s our pep-up playlist, of course! Add it to your morning routine and you’ll be on your feet in no time.


  • Songs That Keep Us Warm

    Today, we’re sharing our secret weapons in the imminent battle with the cold: the songs that warm our souls during the long fall and winter months. Let them offer you a warm hug, especially if you’ve been craving something to lift your spirits!


  • Songs That Make Us Dance

    A whole month of summer is still ahead – and we are planning to thoroughly enjoy it. We trust the most energetic, infectious, can’t-keep-your-feet-still tracks to set the right mood. Take a listen!  


  • Songs That Take Us Back to Childhood

    We traveled back in time to (possibly) expose ourselves and bring you the most memorable tunes from our childhoods. Get a taste of our nostalgia below.


  • Songs for Our Dream Karaoke Night

    Sometimes all you need is just a few well-crafted lines sung (or screamed) at the top of your lungs to make any day better. Here are our top picks for the job! And what are yours?


  • Springtime Gladness: Tunes to Greet the New Season

    Even though winter doesn’t seem ready to release its grip on the city just yet, we’re still excited for March to arrive. As you brave the cold, listen to these songs that put a spring in our step – and the sunny days will seem much, much closer.