In 100% of cases, my perfect karaoke night scenario includes Mr. Brightside by The Killers. I equally enjoy singing it with my friends and listening to strangers singing it, it never gets boring even slightly. A banger by its nature, this song doesn't need to be performed note to note, consider it a music therapy session. Whatever the mood is, from the very first chords I pace myself for four minutes of jumping, dancing, and screaming my soul out.


I can’t imagine myself singing my heart out if it’s not for old-school songs I used to have on my first-and-last MP3 player. Hence, for my dream karaoke night, I’m choosing the adrenaline-and-nostalgia-pumping Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, which, by the way, also is my go-to track for slashing the beats in Beat Saber. Catchy and upbeat, this is the kind of song that gets you busting a move and humming along, at the very least, even if you have no rhythm or voice, like myself. 


For coming on 10 years (wow, I am old), my favorite song to sing along to is Summertime (the Fort Frances cover, not the original). It started with me listening to it on repeat one summer night, watching the dawn and subconsciously learning the lyrics – and now, whenever it comes up in my playlist, I can’t help but spill the rhymes and dip back into that lazy relaxed summer feeling. I am actually grateful I thought of this one, because otherwise I’d face the eternal struggle of trying to choose one song from a special playlist I keep just for emergency sing-along party situations (which happen more often than you’d think).


When you’re not sure of your vocal abilities ahead of a karaoke night, remember: there is one artist that will never let you down. That is, of course, the lovely Tom Waits. And a particularly great choice of song is Chocolate Jesus. Not that I’m knocking on Mr. Waits’ talent as a singer, mind you (the man has some serious pipes!) – it’s just that, with any track from his repertoire, it doesn’t matter if you can hit the right notes. What matters is you do it with feeling: slur your words, go off- key, improvise your own little tidbits – anything goes as long as your heart’s in it! And isn’t that what you’d want from a proper karaoke sesh?