One of my all-time favorite movie tracks is Arrival of the Birds by The Cinematic Orchestra, featured in the film The Theory of Everything (2014). This hauntingly beautiful piece of music perfectly complements the emotional depth and complexity of the movie. The gentle piano melodies combined with the orchestral arrangement create a captivating atmosphere that resonates with me every time I listen to it.


The #1 for me is hands-down (I've Had) The Time of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes from Dirty Dancing (1987). Though it may sound cliché, what kind of soundtrack list would it be without it? A huge miss, right? This movie is chock-full of memorable songs and scenes, and this song in particular still gives me chills every time I hear it, making me rewatch the movie for the hundredth time. It’s timeless and soulful, and at the same time drives you to take a dance class, even if you have two left feet. 


My favorite OST is composed by the Karamazov Twins for the Shapito Show (2011). Though this is merely background music, it's a subtle yet integral part used to reveal the characters and their relationship. As absurd as the movie concept itself, the songs may sound goofy and naive at first, but as soon as you get into context, they possess you with captivating magic. I hope one day these tracks are uploaded on Spotify, so I could enjoy singing along until I get sick.


In the past couple of years, I might have rewatched Legally Blonde (2001) a truly illegal number of times. There is just something in it that never stops empowering me to get out there and go after my dreams — and one song in particular does the trick particularly well: Watch Me Shine by Joanna Pacitti. It doesn’t seem to have a dedicated music video on YouTube, so you can enjoy the scene with it in the video above. Girl power all the way!