When my mornings aren’t the type of frenzied, chaotic mornings I normally have, my apartment rises and shines to the sounds of Вставай (Wake Up) by Пара Нормальных – or any other instant mood lifter. Although I’ve to admit that 9 out of 10 times, I wake up because my cat wants to eat (not the best, but def cutest alarm ever), when it is *the* day, this tune does its magic in making me start my day on the right foot. 


Although this morning I was awakened by the consistent drilling from my neighbor’s apartment, I'm a fan of the good old buzzing phone. However, when it comes to picking a wake-up song, it reminds me of my dorm bestie who always made unexpected choices for her alarm clocks. For a year or two, the start of the new day had been marked exclusively by Queen’s I Want to Break Free, but somehow I didn’t grow tired of this song at all. Instead, it only brings back warm nostalgia of our uni days.


I’ve been a huge fan of St. Paul and The Broken Bones for quite a long time now. Over the years, they’ve tried many different – and exciting – things with their sound. Still, one thing that’s remained constant is the infectiousness of the rhythm and the masterful way in which so many layers of sound complement each other without blending into one. There are many tracks I adore, but nothing spells “wake-up tune” better than Midnight on the Earth. It’s funky, it’s bombastic, it’s energetic: it’s everything you need in the AM!


I’ve been at a loss as to what to include for this one, but the recent release of the 20th anniversary edition of Absolution by Muse was a timely inspiration (or a wake-up call, if you pardon the pun). It’s nigh impossible to keep still with Time Is Running Out blasting in your headphones, as I was able to verify for the hundredth time today. And though unrelated to everyday routines, the lyrics do add an element of urgency to anything you happen to be doing at the moment – a much-needed energy boost on a November (or any other) morning.