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  • Our Team’s Wake-Up Playlist

    Rise and shine! Even though the days are now as short as they can get and the sun is a rare visitor in town, we’re still up and about. What’s the secret? Why, it’s our pep-up playlist, of course! Add it to your morning routine and you’ll be on your feet in no time.


  • Songs That Keep Us Warm

    Today, we’re sharing our secret weapons in the imminent battle with the cold: the songs that warm our souls during the long fall and winter months. Let them offer you a warm hug, especially if you’ve been craving something to lift your spirits!


  • The Experiment: Testing Internet’s Top Advice for Beating the Fall Blues

    In this story, I’m saying no to any weather- or season-related sadness with a mixture of tips found in a quick googling session. Do they really work? Find out with me as I brave cold showers and snuggle in wool sweaters. 


  • Everything You Need to Know to Survive Autumn

    The changing of the seasons can be hard, but you'll surely handle it if you follow our team's advice.


  • DIY Herbarium or How to Make Summer Last

    The last weeks of relatively warm and dry weather that we’re probably going to enjoy this year are also a perfect chance to assemble a herbarium (a collection of dried plant specimens) that will brighten up the upcoming dark winter days. Here’s how to start.  


  • What To Do With All the Pumpkins

    The struggle of carrying this enormous vegetable home and then peeling it is well worth it! Pumpkins are versatile, delicious, and filled with vitamins. Here are some ways to make the best of them, while fall – aka pumpkin season – is here.


  • Apple Feast: Traditional Russian Treats to Try This Fall

    If the apple season left you with too many apples and you’ve already succeeded in reducing all your visits to the doctor, here are some Russian-style recipes that will have you feeling this fall season.


  • Your Fall 2021 Guide to Life in St. Petersburg

    Fall is here! And although it brings unrelenting rain and bone-chilling wind, it also comes with a slew of upsides, too! Few sights in St. Petersburg can outshine the charm of its auburn-and-yellow parks – or the honey-golden hue of its early sunsets. And there’s so much to explore, both indoors and outdoors. Here are our top choices:


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: September 4-5, 2021

    The weather is getting cooler, tree leaves are slowly changing color, and students are rushing to classes… It's officially fall today! So let’s ring in the new season full of cozy traditions, delicious treats, and Halloween thrills by experiencing a perfect blend of nostalgic and contemporary art, open-air screenings, and classical music in one weekend.


  • Compote: A Russian Fruity Drink You Have To Try

    This is not compote, said my British colleague Lorna. We were having lunch at the stolovaya – the cafeteria – and she was looking at the liquid in her glass. “Compote is preserved fruit. You can cut it with a knife,” she said. “Oh, but this is different,” I said. “You have to try it.”