Unlike most people these days, I get the latest hits from the radio… So when Meghan Trainor’s Made You Look showed up in my car, I did a little dance behind the wheel and added it to my digital music list optimistically titled Run2, as in my second attempt to start jogging. My sneakers are yet to make an entrance but the little dance that goes with this song never fails, so who knows, maybe I’m getting plenty of exercise already.


How Beautiful Life Can Be by The Lathums is perhaps not as pumped-up to make you magically become the best version of yourself but just upbeat enough to whip you into a frenzy even during the winter blahs. Joyful and soulful, this song feels like a tiny piece of summer, reminding you to enjoy yourself and take in all the little things around you.


This January, I especially enjoyed my hour-long walks home from work, a crucial piece of quality me-time. Trying out new routes, I was strolling and waltzing around half-empty lanes accompanied by music, and Miki Matsubara’s Stay With Me got me pumped up like no other song from my playlist. I deliberately didn’t look up the lyrics and the story behind them to fully immerse myself in the bouncy and rousing tunes. 


Last weekend, humbly following my own recommendation, my friends and I went to see a tribute to David Bowie at St. Petersburg Philharmonia. Apart from adding Alexey Nyaga to my list of favorite conductors, I went out of the concert with the orchestral version of Let’s Dance still reverberating in my head. And I haven’t stopped listening to it (now the studio recording) since. I would argue that every chord, every second of the song is so full of life that it’s absolutely impossible not to give in to some outrageously jubilant dancing – if only in your head.


When it comes to getting hyped up before an important task, few tunes have the same effect on me as Spellbound by the inimitable Siouxsie and the Banshees. It’s no wonder that the song remains so revered by musicians all over: the track just oozes a kind of primal, unbridled energy and reckless abandon. Only the biggest stoic can resist tapping their foot to the beat – just throw it on your playlist and see for yourself.