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  • Our Post-Exam Party Playlist

    Oh, that magical feeling of passing all exams and anticipation of all the free days ahead… To help you get the most out of it, today we are sharing our favorite tunes for celebrating wins and successes. Let’s throw the biggest dancing party of all time!


  • Being Your Own Supportive Friend: How To Grow Your Self-Esteem

    Exam season is fast approaching, and we know these tend to be stressful times. What can you do to support yourself during such anxiety-driven periods, whether exam-related or not? We turned to Yulia Romanenko, a Soft Skills lecturer at ITMO, who shared her compassionate advice on how you can become your own best friend. 


  • Making Sense of the Russian Grading System

    Are you an international student hoping to get your degree in Russia? Prepare for your studies abroad by discovering features of the local grading system compared to others around the world!


  • 5 Russian Proverbs to Help You Get Through Exams

    Whether you’re seeking a comforting hug or need a good motivational kick, you can find it all and even more in the Russian language, which is awash with words of wisdom that are perfect for when you are dealing with exams (or any other of life’s challenges, for that matter). 


  • Life During Exams: Self-Care 101

    Have you ever found yourself not fully enjoying something exciting when it happens before you submit an important assignment? Or maybe you don’t even allow yourself to meet up with friends or take a quiet walk before you finish a task? Today, we are here to hopefully fix that and tell you how self-care can mean much more than just indulging in bath bombs or delicacies. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy (even if you haven’t crossed out everything on your to-do list yet)! 


  • How to Study Effectively: Five Memorization Techniques for Acing Any Exam or Test

    Do you know why Richard of York gave battle in vain and not in rain? And why will you always remember that roses are red and violets are blue? What about a long-lost memory from your childhood brought back to you by a delicious smell from your parent’s or grandparent’s kitchen? Our brain knows a trick or two, and you can harness its power through mnemotechnics for remembering even the hardest material for your tests and exams.


  • Herzen University and ITMO Specialists Develop a Bot that Helps Prepare for the Unified State Exam in Chemistry

    The Chemistry Bot allows future school graduates to study for their Unified State Exam (USE) in chemistry interactively. School students can learn something new, receive feedback, and check their progress right on the social network VK, instead of solving similar tasks all day long. To find out more about the concept, features, and uniqueness of this tool, read this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • ITMO University Organizes an Exam for a World Maritime University Student

    Sofiia Zarubenko is a PhD student at two universities: World Maritime University, Sweden (responsible for academic curriculum) and Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, UK (responsible for administering the learning process). The study process is based on distance learning, except for the exams that should be taken in London. However, this year, the Academy’s students from all over the world had to find a way to take the exam despite the quarantine. ITMO University helped Sofiia to solve this problem by organizing an exam for the foreign university.


  • Business Games, or How to Pass Exams Without Taking Exams and Get a Job Without an Interview

    Last Saturday, ITMO hosted a business game with second-year Master’s students of the University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations stepping in as participants. The judges’ panel included department heads of Gazprom Neft, a top-three largest oil-producing company in Russia, one of the aims of whom was to select students to be employed at the company. ITMO.NEWS reports on why games such as this need to be included in the education process and whether it is real for a student to become part of Gazprom Neft.


  • How to Deal with Exam Stress: Advice from Scientists

    Feeling stressed out during exams is completely normal. In fact, it’s not always a bad thing. A bit of stress can make a person more energetic and efficient. This happens when for example, you have some serious cramming to do the night before an exam. There is also “good” stress which includes falling in love, travelling, going through change, and being a beginner. But a lot of stress, on the contrary, can interfere with exam preparation, decrease efficiency, impair your memory and communication skills. ITMO.News discusses how to manage stress, and what you can and can’t do so that your brain works better during exams.