All-in-one apps 

Google Books (iOS, Android) /Apple Books (iOS)

  • Price: free (in-app purchases)

No need to look far for examples – Google/Apple Books are great reading apps for starters. Already installed on your phone, these free ereaders and store apps offer an easy-to-use interface with a minimalist design and access to a large collection of ebooks and audiobooks in both English and Russian (and 30+ more languages). Apart from the paid content, the apps have a wide selection of free books, from Grimm’s Fairy Tales to Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. With Apple Books, you can also set your reading goals and keep track of your daily progress.

For books in English

Bookmate (iOS and Android)

  • Price: from $3 to $37 (7-day free trial available)

Featuring almost two million books, the Bookmate app lets you read (or listen to) new and classic books, as well as discuss them and share your favorite quotes with your friends. With a monthly/yearly subscription, you get an ever-increasing catalog of bestsellers, thriller and crime novels, self-help books, and many other genres – not to mention comics, 50,000 free books, as well as editor’s picks and suggestions. The app is available in 16 languages, including Russian, and has a variety of subscription plans: Family (if you plan to use the app together with your family members or friends), Premium (if you’re going to use it all by yourself), and Books/Audio depending on what your preferences are. 

For audiobooks in English

Audible (iOS and Android)

  • Price: $7.95/mo or $14.95/mo after a 30-day free trial (and don’t forget about the the ever-present Audible promos out there)

If you prefer learning something new while you’re on the go, Audible might be your next favorite app. Being a single-use service, Audible allows you to listen to your beloved stories and novels, as well as various podcasts (and Audible Originals, too) anytime and anywhere. Here, you can find best-selling books, binge-worthy podcasts, and exclusive shows – all in a convenient format that makes it possible to read and do other things at the same time.

Credit: Ross Sneddon (@rosssneddon) on

Credit: Ross Sneddon (@rosssneddon) on

For books in Russian

Mybook (iOS and Android)

  • Price: $2-8/mo (a 14-day free trial is on offer)

Mybook is a Russia-based reading service partially translated into English that offers over 382,000 books and 118,000 audiobooks. The app offers 110,000 free books, including a wide range of Russian classics and modern novels. What else is great about this app is that it lets you participate in various challenges (like finishing a book by a certain time), receive book suggestions for when you’re in a rut, and get stats on books you’ve read, as well as your reading speed and time over a week/month/year. 

For audiobooks in Russian

Storytel (iOS and Android)

  • Price: from $2/mo to $43/year (plus a 7-day free trial)

Just like Audible, Storytel is an audiobook service that brings the best stories right to your earbuds. From children’s books to non-fiction and classics, the app includes a broad choice of book options, as well as special features to make your experience even better such as listening goals, stats, and genre lineups.

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