In the battle between gloomy fall and one song, We Are The People by Empire of the Sun leaves no chance to its rival. For me, the track is both touching and relaxing as it gives out positive vibes with no sugarcoating. When feeling blue, I’m concentrating on the “We’re the people that rule the world” part of the lyrics just to remind myself who’s in charge of my life here. Anyways, it’s a great soundtrack for epic walks which involve colorful fallen leaves rustling under your shoes.


The older, the better – that’s my recipe for the best musical antidote to the ever-grayness and seasonal blues. That’s why once the weather in St. Pete gets gloomy, I can’t help but get back to my old & gold playlist and get my mood up with some timeless tunes, like How Do You Do! by Roxette. Upbeat and fun, this is a great pick-me-up! So, whenever I feel like the weather gets to me, I put my headphones on, press the play button, and see the world shining with new colors. Trust me on this one!


I have found that sometimes the best way to overcome sadness, despair, or any other unwanted feeling is to succumb to it. They say that the first step to changing something is accepting it in full, without shying away from any of its aspects. So that’s what I’ve been doing, coming to terms with a rather bitter mixture of feelings, accompanied by Brendon Urie’s voice in Impossible Year. Despite seeming utterly hopeless at first, the song still shines a light at the end of the tunnel – it will, it has to, only get better from here.


It almost seems like the pandemic and all the challenges and weariness it brought is a long gone sensation. But this Sia and David Guetta collab which came out in 2020 started from a text between them earlier that year with a desire to save the world by bringing joy to hearts through music. The line in the song that says “this, too, shall pass” reminds me of a fable of a king who was looking for a magic ring that if you were sad and looked at it, you’d become happy, and if you were happy and looked at it, you’d become sad. When the ring was found, it had engraved on it the words “This, too, shall pass”. So just like winter comes around once a year, so does summer. So whenever the gloomy weather or thoughts come by, I try to remind myself that it’s only temporary, and this song is a great reminder of that. 


Not sure about fighting the blues per se, but the song called The Surface The Deep and the entire album The Final Egg by a Finnish band Circle of Ouroborus accompanies me in this gray weather and certainly brings some relief.