Is it going to be your first first shopping since you moved in? If you’re starting from scratch and your list includes a pan, a warm blanket, and a desk lamp all at once, consider Maxidom and Domovoy. With their goods you can furnish, decorate, or even redecorate your home. There’s also Leroy Merlin, which, too, stocks all of the abovementioned items, but is mainly about DIY and interior decoration.

All these are conveniently scattered around the city and are easy to reach. To spend zero minutes on the road, feel free to purchase online from Wildberries or Ozon – just make sure to check the reviews before you order.

Home decor

When you’ve dared to assume that you’ve bought all the necessities, the inner designer suddenly awakens. To calm them down, you need to offer a sacrifice, i.e. head to a shop that sells something sweet but not that useful, be it a scented candle or fancy plates. Unexpected treasures of such kind await you at Fix Price and Modi, and if you’re a fan of unique or sophisticated accessories, go to Friend Function – at least to check out their range of posters.


Houseplants are available in abundance at retail stores from the first category, but from personal experience, they don’t last long even if they look perfect on the shelves. Drop by there for pots and soils, but not greenery itself. For productive plant hunting, my go-to options are Avito or the Plant Watchers Telegram chat. Details about caring for plants and other home gardening wisdom for beginners are found in this article

Cleaning products

Sometimes, a cozy apartment is simply a clean apartment. And it’s much easier to tidy up when you have the right gadgets and fancy cleansers for that, not just water and your wasted T-shirt. The most popular drugstores in St. Petersburg are Ulybka Radugi and Magnit Cosmetic. There’s something curative in choosing a dish soap that suits your mood – Monica Geller would approve.