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  • Micro-Mobility, Fiber Concrete, Nanomaterials: Students Propose Innovations for ITMO Highpark Campus

    A series of workshops on creating a comfortable territorial ecosystem of ITMO Highpark has recently kicked off in St. Petersburg. The first workshop brought together students of three St. Petersburg’s universities – ITMO University, St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and International Banking Institute, who discussed the project of ITMO Highpark’s future dormitory building in the brainstorming format. In the course of two days, the students had to come up with solutions that would facilitate the implementation of the project and reduce its cost. Young architects, engineers and economists presented their ideas, some of which can potentially reduce the cost of the project by several million rubles.


  • Moving Forward: St. Petersburg in 2019

    There have been a lot of things to see, experience, and learn about in 2018, but now it’s time to find out what’s next! Here’s a quick rundown of some of the major events we’re excited to see in our city in 2019.  


  • DreamDorm.Shine Contest: Prove YOUR Room is the Best!

    The DreamDorm.Shine contest has launched at ITMO University. Its goal is to encourage students to treat their dormitory with care, develop their communication skills and promote cooperation. In this endeavor they will be assisted by ITMO’s Student Dorm Council, which has recently won the second place in a city-wide competition for the best university & college student dorm council of St. Petersburg.


  • Relocation Tips: What You Need to Know About ITMO Dorms

    ITMO University has several dormitories in different districts of St. Petersburg. International students are mostly housed in two of them: Vyazemsky lane 5-7 and Karpovka embankment 22. Both are located in the historic center of St. Petersburg, not far from ITMO University's main building. Here’s a map where you can see all of ITMO's buildings and dorms in the city.