ITMO offers a plethora of different dorm options. Some of them are corridor-type (rooms located along a corridor with shared bathrooms, toilets, and a kitchen) while others are block-type (rooms grouped into blocks, each with its own shared bathroom and toilet). Each dorm accommodates around 2 to 3 students per room and is equipped with modern amenities such as kitchens, gyms, and co-working spaces. The dorms are located at very convenient spots and are accessible by public transport, making it easier for students to commute daily. You can learn more about each of the dorms here

Even though the students at ITMO's dormitories are dedicated to their studies, they also know how to have a great time. These vibrant and diverse communities offer a wide range of activities to ensure that students never have a dull moment during their stay.

Novoizmaylovskiy Pr. 16

Subhrajit Barua, a first-year PhD student from India who resided in the Interuniversity Dormitory, emphasizes the abundance of fun activities available. From the Miss & Mister Dormitory Contest to culinary competitions, game nights, and parties, there are endless options for entertainment. Subhrajit asserts that boredom is virtually non-existent in this dormitory, as there are always friends to be made and life-changing adventures to be had.

Photo courtesy of the author

Photo courtesy of the author

Alpiyskiy Ln. 15

Devtanu Bose, a second-year Master's student from India, residing at the Alpiskiy dorm, highlights the strong sense of camaraderie among international students. They come together to cook, play games, and study. Carl Hakim, a second-year Master's student from Egypt, mentions the adjacent playground where football matches are held every Saturday, further fostering bonds between residents.

Karpovka River Emb. 22

Noviana Haslinda, a first-year Bachelor's student from Indonesia, expresses her pleasant surprise with the dormitory located on Karpovka River Embankment 22. Alongside celebrating birthdays and festive occasions like New Year's, students enjoy a wealth of amusement. The dormitory serves as a hub for joyful memories.

Vyazemsky Ln. 5-7

The Vyazemsky dormitory, or Vyazma as it’s known among students, accommodates a multitude of international students and is renowned for its thriving community. Bui Huong Giang, a fourth-year Bachelor's student from Vietnam, appreciates the diverse range of lively activities available. Movie nights and sports tournaments are just a few examples of the many opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation at Vyazma.

Credit: Maria Lin Kim (@mrsmaria) via Unsplash

Credit: Maria Lin Kim (@mrsmaria) via Unsplash

Lensoveta St. 23

The dormitory situated on Lensoveta St. 23 also hosts numerous international students, who create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Rutendo Paul Midzi, a second-year Master's student from Zimbabwe, praises the friendly ambiance and the close-knit relationships formed among residents. Weekends are filled with parties, games, and movie nights, facilitating team-building and a sense of belonging.

Belorusskaya St. 6A

Lastly, the dormitory on Belorusskaya St. 6A offers a tranquil and cozy environment for students to unwind. Aleksandra Ilieva, a recent ITMO graduate from Macedonia, recalls spending quality time reading books in the common study area. The presence of a gym allows students to engage in workouts and yoga practices, promoting both physical and mental well-being. In the shared kitchens, students often bond over cooking and friendly conversation.

ITMO's dormitories truly provide international students with an array of enjoyable times. Whether through participation in contests, sports, festivals, movie nights, or simply spending time together, students can forge lasting friendships, foster cultural exchange, and create cherished memories. These vibrant communities serve as a home away from home, making the international student experience at ITMO all the more enriching.