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  • Glimpses of Student Life at ITMO Dormitories

    ITMO is a great choice for international students who seek not only quality education but also a lively and engaging campus experience. The university's dormitories provide a welcoming environment where peers from around the world can come together, make friends, and enjoy a wide array of fun activities. Let's explore how these dormitories provide a sense of belonging and camaraderie to ITMO students from around the globe.


  • Dorm Life 101: Lessons Learned From Living in a Shared Space

    Some call it the best time of their lives, others remember it with dread – either way, dorm life is bound to leave its mark on you. How can you ensure that you have the best possible experience? Luckily, you get to learn from our mistakes: below, you will find a list of all the things we wished we’d known before moving into a dorm room. Get all the perks of communal living, avoid its pitfalls, and stay sane – let the dorm life be good for you!


  • Moving to St. Petersburg: Your Day One Digest

    Relocating to a new country is like stepping into the unknown – and we totally get that. In an attempt to take some weight off your shoulders, we present to you our brief yet comprehensive “day one” digest on life in St. Petersburg. 


  • Renting an Apartment in St. Petersburg: My Personal Experience

    Looking for a place to rent in St. Petersburg? This isn’t our first article on the topic. In fact, we’ve already written about how to search for an apartment and what to consider when choosing one. This time we’re going to dive into my personal experience from last summer, when I went looking for a new place to live.


  • Renting an Apartment in St. Petersburg: Ultimate Guide

    Looking for an apartment can be both an exciting and challenging quest. Luckily, St. Petersburg offers a slew of housing options. Here's what to consider when looking for a perfect place to live.


  • How to Rent an Apartment in St. Petersburg

    There are several dormitories available for all ITMO University students, but what if you would prefer to rent your own place? Where do you look for it? What should you keep in mind? See our tips below.