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  • Introduction Days 2020: Welcoming New Students

    From August 31 to September 4, 2020, ITMO University hosted Introduction Days (link in Russian) for first-year Bachelor’s and Master’s students. The event was created last year to introduce new students to the university’s system, the opportunities it offers – and above all, each other. ITMO.GO, a large-scale celebration traditionally marks the end of the introductory block.


  • Student Grub: Our Easy Meal Favorites

    It’s not all about the instant noodles… Healthy, fast and delicious – and even a little exotic – is the name of the game when it comes to making a perfect student meal, whether it’s a quick breakfast, hearty lunch, or a hard day’s night dinner. Here’s what we love.


  • How to Win a Grant From ITMOSTUDENTS.Initiative

    The ITMOSTUDENTS.Initiative grant is a new way for ITMO students to receive support for their dream projects. To apply for funding, all you need to do is fill out an application, outline your project’s goals and decide on the amount of funding you’ll need. Ekaterina Mashina, this year’s grant winner, shared with us her tips on how to apply and win.


  • ITMO University in 2018: A Year in Review

    It’s been a long, eventful year; let’s take a look back at the events, names, and ideas that defined 2018 for ITMO University.  


  • Doing Sports Can Make One a Winner in Everyday Life: KronBars Meet Honored Guests

    Past Thursday, November 30, ITMO’s sports club KronBars met with Sergei Boyarsky, deputy of State Duma and coordinator of the "Youth Group” at All-Russia People’s Front. Denis Goltsov, sambo athlete, World and European champion, native of St. Petersburg, also attended this meeting. He presented his project "Sambo to universities". Guests of "snow leopards" told students why sports can help young people set better goals and achieve success in everyday life. Denis Goltsov also conducted a masterclass on self-defense for all students.


  • Physics Is No Longer To Explain The World, Rather Predict Its Future

    ITMO University has become one of the sites for film screenings of the Contemporary Science Film Festival, which is traditionally held in several Russian cities in late autumn. ITMO has run the film "Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking. Lucky Imperfection", which tells about the physical aspects of time travel. Alexandr Chirtsov, Professor of Physics at ITMO, provided his commentary on the film. ITMO.NEWS interviewed Professor Chirtsov and got to know why classical physics gives only one of the possible approximate interpretations of the world, why the world does not always completely follow the formulated laws of physics and why theoretical physicists  are constantly trying to come up with the right equations, providing the right solutions, while experimental physicists are looking for ways to refute them.


  • Tournament of the Two Capitals: St. Petersburg to Host Robots Battles This Autumn

    Have you ever seen how robots fight each other over "mountain" plateaus, build bridges across rivers, compete in racing rallies and work together in construction? On November 19, the participants of the Tournament of the Two Capitals will start their training. T2C is a robotics competitions for schoolchildren, bringing together best teams from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Students are challenged not only to work together in T2C, but also solve non-standard tasks. In the final challenge, the organizers give kids a really interesting task. Until the last moments of the competition it is kept secret. Read our material and find out about the main features, rules, concept, as well as the prizes of the Tournament of thewo capitals.


  • Relocation Tips: Getting Your Visa and Registration in Russia

    Almost all foreign citizens need a visa to enter the Russian Federation, and the type of visa depends on their purpose of entry and the length of their stay in Russia. ITMO’s International Office helps international students and employees with the entire process and with all the necessary paperwork. Here’s what you need to know to have a general understanding of the process and to stay legal while you’re here.


  • ITMO’s Russian Language Summer School: Gaining New Experiences

    ITMO’s Russian language and culture summer school kicked off in St. Petersburg in mid-July and is coming to an end today with about 20 students participating from 8 countries in three different language levels. The summer school attracts university students currently studying the Russian language, as well as students of Russian origin, future students wanting to enroll in the University and simply those interested in Russian language and culture.


  • Adapting To Russia: International Students Share Their Experience

    Education, communication, traditions, living conditions, food and weather - all of those change dramatically for international students who come to study in Russia. To adapt to the new environment, they can rely on specialists from the International Students Learning and Support Center; yet, having the right attitude is important as well, believe the exchange students from Europe and Brazil who came to ITMO for the IT and Business Innovations in Russia course. In an interview with our newsportal, they shared their experience of studying at ITMO University.