Aleksei Balabanov. Immersive exhibition

  • October 13 - January 15, 12-10 pm (Tue-Fri), 11 am - 10 pm (Sat-Sun)
  • Sevkabel Port
  • 1,000 rubles (800 rubles for students) on weekends – purchase here

Ride a tram from the gangster diology Brother or get lost in Kafka’s The Castle – the retrospective exhibition Balabanov will let you step into the universe of inimitable director Aleksei Balabanov, whose films had masterfully captured the wildness and turbulence of 90s Russia. With the power of interactive exhibits, audio storytelling (in Russian), and virtual experiences, the exhibition illustrates the director’s creative history and his many controversial yet timeless oeuvres such as The Castle, Brother & Brother 2, and Dead Man's Bluff.

Russian provincial portraits of the 18th-19th centuries

  • October 15 - December 4, 11 am - 8 pm (Mon-Tue, Thu-Sun), 11 am - 9 pm (Wed)
  • Manege
  • 370 rubles (130 rubles for students with the promocode STUDENT) – purchase here

If you don’t mind embarking on yet another trip through time, then visit the freshly-opened exhibition at Manege to explore the history of Russian provincial portraiture of the 18-19th centuries. Apart from making an attempt to study the trend of domestic art, the display invites visitors to take a fresh look at values and traditions common in the Russian provincial culture. 

St. Petersburg Fair

Mark your calendar for a weekend of thrifting, Halloween-ing, and even tasting world cuisines at St. Petersburg Fair. The themed festival will draw shopping lovers to discover and shop from top local designers, jewelers, potters, and other craftspeople, as well as fill their pastime with workshops (what about some pumpkin carving?) and other activities, live music, and mouth-watering food and drinks.

Message to Man film festival

  • October 21-29
  • Check the venues and prices here

Starting October 21, the annual international film festival Message to Man is swimming back into movie theaters with a medley of documentaries from all over the world. From awareness-raising movies to historical chronicles, the festival offers a collection for any liking – and, most importantly, language.