Thursday, December 21

Military Parades: Porcelain and Watercolour

On view is a collection of decorative porcelain depicting military parades and imperial army uniforms that was produced at St. Petersburg’s Imperial Porcelain Factory and painted by the factory’s celebrated artists during the reign of the Romanovs. All exhibits are grouped by themes and colors. In addition to the military plates, the display features drawings, lithographs, and watercolor studies.

Friday, December 22

On the big screen: A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

Enjoy the brilliant duo of Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando (in his pre-Vito Corleone era) and learn your Stella! references while watching A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) – nominated for a whooping 12 Oscars – this Friday. Based on the eponymous Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Tennessee Williams, the movie tells a heart-rending story of former teacher Blanche DuBois who seeks refuge with her sister and brother-in-law in their New Orleans apartment.

Saturday, December 23

Winter Fairytale by the Sea

Hop on for a short ride to Kronstadt this weekend to indulge in wonderful winter adventures! Traditionally, Winter Fairytale by the Sea on Ostrov Fortov has no shortage of fun activities and events: a joyous holiday market, exciting workshops for kids and adults alike, interactive performances, and much more.

Sunday, December 24

St. Petersburg Fair

  • December 23-24, 12-8 pm
  • Lenfilm
  • Free entrance

St. Petersburg Fair, paying its tribute to the legendary Soviet movie Carnival Night (1956), is the perfect place to do your holiday shopping, add a holiday flair to your pre-holiday weeks, and enjoy the magic of cinema. The market will bring together hundreds of vendors with goods ranging from holiday wreaths and winter sweaters to vinyl records and books.

Monday, December 25

New Year's Bazaar on New Holland Island

  • December 23 - January 8, 12-9 pm (weekdays), 11 am - 10 pm (weekends)
  • New Holland Island
  • Free entrance

The holiday cheer in St. Petersburg is in full swing, with another holiday-filled destination to add to your list. On December 23, New Holland Island is opening its New Year’s Bazaar – with a variety of stalls selling street food, vintage, ceramics, holiday decorations, and books around a twinkling, beautifully decorated tree that can easily steal any show.

Tuesday, December 26

“Thinking of Time!” Jan van den Hecke. Sumptuous Still Life

Escape the hustle and bustle and find moments of peace and serenity amidst the still lifes of the Baroque period at the General Staff Building. At the heart of the exhibition, which brings together 17th-century paintings and arts and crafts masterpieces, is the recently restored Sumptuous Still Life by Flemish painter Jan van den Hecke.

Wednesday, December 27

Concert: Christmas Melodies at Annenkirche

The best way to feel the true spirit of the Catholic Christmas is to visit Annenkirche! In addition to the now-traditional Christmas exhibition, the Lutheran church is running a lineup of holiday-themed concerts such as, for example, Christmas Melodies – Christmas carols performed by the duo Arfagrafiya – which will take place on December 27.