Thursday, January 25

Nikolskye Ryady Ice Rink – with a student discount

  • 12 pm - 9 pm
  • Nikolskye Ryady
  • 300-400 rubles (+ 300 rubles for skates; prices indicated without the discount) 

If you have yet to do any ice skating this winter, this is your chance! To celebrate Student’s Day, Nikolskye Ryady are offering a 50% discount on ice rink tickets and skate rental: just show your student ID at the counter and enjoy the halved price. Having enjoyed your skating experience, you can then explore the lively public space that is Nikolskye Ryady or choose to walk along the streets of Kolomna, a quiet St. Pete district that definitely deserves your attention. 

Friday, January 26

Exhibition: The City I Live In

  • Until March 25, 11 am - 8 pm daily
  • ArtMuza
  • Free

Black and white analog photographs made in two different techniques, the play of chiaroscuro, and the juxtaposition of grand historic buildings and small characters – this is what you will see on display at ArtMuza. Photographer Dmitry Belousov is very particular about the interplay between the city’s narrow streets and the features of his vintage camera, showcasing his own vision in each photo. See St. Petersburg like you’ve never seen it before at this exhibition

Saturday, January 27

Exhibition: I Know Places

  • Until March 17, 11 am - 8 pm daily
  • KGallery
  • 350 rubles (100 rubles for students)

Speaking of discovering a new side to St. Petersburg, how do you fancy traveling back in time to the 70s? In those days, the Leningrad underground scene was flourishing: creative minds of all kinds were finding their own ways to publish, exhibit, or promote their work. They frequented certain cafes, gathered at each other’s apartments, and established their own attractions in the city. Until March 17, you will have the chance to be in on the secret through photographs at KGallery – don’t put off your visit for too long. 

Sunday, January 28

Concert: Seasons and Nutcracker’s Journey

It’s been a long time since we invited you to a concert at the Gothic revival Lutheran Church of St. Michael, cozily located on Vasilyevsky Island – and now is the perfect opportunity. This Sunday, the church will host a violin and organ concert, featuring all the favorites: Bach, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, and Piazzolla. A mix of genres, times, and stories, this concert is bound to leave a lasting impression, as well as rekindle that holiday spirit with melodies from the beloved Christmas ballet.

Monday, January 29

Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia

This week, cinemas of St. Petersburg offer a treat for both history connoisseurs and lovers of adrenaline – Race for Glory (2024) is a racing film based on true events. It’s the 1983 World Rally Championship and two teams are fighting ruthlessly for the win: the favorite, Audi, and Lancia, who would do anything and everything to snatch the title. Who will win? Discover at the theater. 

Tuesday, January 30

Free yoga classes

A local youth club is hosting free yoga sessions for everyone under 35! Apart from trying out a new kind of activity (the earlier class is specifically targeted at beginners), you can practice your Russian and maybe even make some new friends – a gain for both your mental and physical health.

Wednesday, January 31

Exhibition: The Time of Costume Balls

Apparently, this week is all about photography – and we definitely don’t have anything against that. On display at the museum are early-20th-century pictures from costume balls (dress-up parties, as we’d call them now) made by professionals at photo studios or captured at home. Take a peek at New Year celebrations in pre-Revolution Russia, with all their elaborate fairy tale-based costumes and fancy dresses, and embrace that sweet festive feeling yet another time this January.