EtoEtno International Music Festival 

Whether your heart skips a beat at the sound of folk, fusion and new age, or you are just a music enthusiast open to new styles and voices, this would be an event for you. The festival brings together folk musicians from different countries and backgrounds to “paint reality with the brightest colors”, as the organizers themselves put it. It is an open air event originally, but for those wishing to feel the music from the comfort of their home, the performances will be broadcast online on the event’s official VK page. Let your folk discoveries begin! 

Sbor Urozhaya Food Market 

Sbor Urozhaya is a Russian phrase meaning “crop harvest”, and here it is meant to signify the abundance of cultures represented at the market each weekend. Thus, for September 5-6, the organizers have already announced dishes from Japan, Mexico, Norway, Georgia among many others, as well as national music and ritual dancing. You might say that this is another chance to get in touch with your folk-loving self – or maybe your inner traveler who had to stay confined to the safe space of your home for the past months. Who knows, it might just be a market full of gastronomic pleasures as well as exciting cultural discoveries. 

Concerts at St. Michael’s Cathedral 

This Russian pseudo-gothic cathedral located on Vasilievsky Island is sure to create a unique atmosphere for the two concerts that will take place this weekend. The Saturday concert will feature organ pieces from German composers starting from such classics as J.S. Bach and up to the more contemporary musicians, like Paul Hindemith. And on Sunday the audience will delve into the sounds of baroque, brought to life by an organ, a violin and one soprano. A truly mythical weekend, whichever concert you opt for – I would vouch that no one is immune to the magic of the organ. 

Art Institute of Chicago: Impressionism Tour

  • September 6, 6-7:40 pm 
  • Online 
  • Free entrance

Yet another opportunity to travel without leaving your home this weekend, this event is a tour of the finest pieces in the Impressionist collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. The event will be hosted by Robert Kelleman, the founder of the non-profit community organization Washington, DC History & Culture that organizes the tour. I’d say it is a wonderful chance to learn more about the true masterpieces of Van Gogh and Degas, as well as the history behind the whole movement and how it fits into the story of late 19th century Europe and, possibly, the world.