Book Lighthouse of St. Petersburg festival

  • February 12-14
  • Online
  • Free

If you wanted to pick up a good quality modern book to practice your Russian but couldn’t navigate this ever-changing world, then this online festival is your perfect chance. You will need to register here to get the full program, which this year will focus on the interconnections between literature and music (one of the best combinations, if you ask me). This weekend, you can virtually interact with the creme de la creme of modern Russian literature – all without the need to leave your blanket den! Simply tune into the YouTube stream – and do grab a notebook, ‘cause that reading list will be long! 

Abyss Gaping in Their Portholes exhibition

Every child growing up in the Soviet Union would most certainly have had Jules Verne among their reading experiences. The spirit of his underwater adventures seems to reign at the new exhibition by the Central Naval Museum that is meant to mark the 100th anniversary of the rescue service of the Russian Navy. Professional diving came to Russia in the mid-19th century with a particular need in navy divers after the Crimean War, which featured many sea battles. At the exhibition, you will get the chance to trace the history of diving all the way from there to present day – through real-life suits and appliances used by divers in different eras, model ships, and historical photographs. This could easily be your getaway from frosty St. Pete! 

St. Petersburg International Film Festival

I don’t know about you, but for me Rodina is one of the best “festival” cinemas in central St. Pete. Without the slight pomp of Avrora and the certain high-society feeling of Angleterre, Rodina still has that low key, almost homely glamor. And this weekend it is happy to invite you to the special short film program of the St. Petersburg International Film Festival. Each day has a theme of its own with Friday (Feb 12) devoted to thrillers, Saturday (Feb 13) – to sci-fi and horror, and Sunday (Feb 14) left for comedy and drama. The program and tickets can be found here. All movies will be screened in their original languages with Russian subtitles. 

Music in the Dark: a Palace Party concert 

  • February 13, 8 pm 
  • 1,500-3,500 rubles 

A mixture of musical genres created by what reviewers call “pure joy” and “the most St. Petersburg band” will envelope you this Saturday in this chamber version of the grand upcoming March show. Jazz interwoven with classical musiс and contemporary intrusions – something to please every nitpicking critic and melomaniac. It might as well be an evening to remember, your island of warm happiness in the sunny but freezing February of 2021. You can find the tickets here.