Pushkin Run marathon 

  • May 16, 7:30 am - 3 pm 
  • Pushkin 
  • 1,300-2,500 rubles

Are you up for a challenge this weekend? It would be nice to stretch out your limbs after a whole school year of studying – and especially those long holidays, when the weather didn’t really give us many chances to go out. Don’t worry if you are not ready for a full marathon yet, you can also do 21.1 km, 11 km, or even just 3 km – every step counts! These events just fill you up with energy and love for life, sports, and, naturally, running. 

Apart from meeting like-minded joggers from St. Petersburg, you will also get to run in a historic park with a palace hidden somewhere in it. And then there is the cherry on top, or rather a medal on your chest – a perfect addition to your trophy collection. If you want to take part, don’t hesitate to sign up here for the distance of your choice, because the spots are limited and they are almost sold out. The starter packs will be given out on May 13-14 at Passage (FAN ID Center) and on May 15 in Pushkin.

Postgraffiti exhibition 

Graffiti can give you a unique insight into the very essence of a culture as it reveals its burning problems in the most informal way, even bluntly. In this sense, Postgraffiti is an exhibition that gives its visitors the chance to see contemporary Russia through the eyes of an insider. 

But it’s not just that – each of the participating artists has experience in both academic and street art, thus attempting to bridge these two seemingly incompatible dimensions not only in this exhibition but through their creative paths. With this in mind, Postgraffiti is also your chance to ponder on the definition of art and the way it keeps changing through the ages – and especially since the beginning of the 21st century.

Adam Martinakis. The Symbol of Existence

What does it mean to exist? How can you tell that you are alive and human? In this exhibition, Adam Martinakis, a European artist residing in Athens, ponders on these very questions. For him, the timeless space between the human bodies captured in his images is the essence of existence, the ultimate void of perpetual transformation. Art often seems to get to the bottom of any matter in this sort of nonchalant manner, as if not really trying but still arriving at the truth and this time it tackles one of the most complicated subjects: emptiness or nothingness. That way the void, accentualized by the artist, can truly give us a new perspective on the meaning of life and vitality.

Erté. The Spectacular World of Art Deco 

Erté is the pseudonym of Romain de Tirtoff, a Russian-born French artist of the 20th century, who created Art Deco paintings and figurines, as well as contributed to many creative fields as a designer of clothes, jewellry, and graphic arts. Many of his works ended in private collections and are thus unavailable to the public, but for this rare exhibition they are now presented once again to engulf you in the spirit of Gatsby-esque parties and luxury. There just can’t be too much Art Deco in your life, it’s a logical impossibility – for how can you live day to day without that element of slightly unnecessary grandeur? 

Let this unusual exhibition inspire you to add just a tad more fun in your routine as we are nearing the riveting season of summer.