The new track will be curated by Natalya Tsarevskaya-Dyakina, a specialist in EdTech projects, CEO of ED2 – Europe’s largest accelerator for EdTech startups – and founder of the BIT (business in IT) accelerator contest. 

At the new track, students will analyse real-life cases to discover every aspect of business in education: the main customer demands and opportunities to enter international markets, specifics of marketing and promotion, as well as securing investments or governmental support. Moreover, students will get the chance to implement their own projects with guidance from experienced mentors who will share their knowledge and competence to help projects successfully hit the market.  

Natalya Tsarevskaya-Dyakina

Natalya Tsarevskaya-Dyakina

“EdTech has a market wider than those of advertising, TV, or media and is actually one of the most rapidly growing in the world, equal to early e-commerce in its speed and to healthcare in the way it can shape global trends. 

“This new market of education has brought about a demand for professionals in new fields, and there is currently a significant shortage in such specialists. Now, ITMO will be training experts in this new large-scale and highly interesting branch of economy,” says Natalya Tsarevskaya-Dyakina. 

The program will feature talks by experts from some of the most renowned Russian EdTech startups including, among others: Aleksandr Laryanovskiy, a managing partner at Skyeng; Andrey Anishchenko, co-founder of the Skillbox online education platform; Pavel Bezyaev, head of Knowledge Management Department at Gazprom Neft St. Petersburg; and Dmitry Guzhelya, head of the Evaluation and Methodology Department at the independent non-profit organization Russia – the Land of Opportunities.

EdTech’s curriculum will include: 

  • Commercialization of Educational Projects
  • Financial Modelling
  • Long-Term Strategy in EdTech
  • Scaling for Global Markets in EdTech
  • Business in Education
  • Investments, Grants, and Subsidies in EdTech
  • Marketing, Positioning, and Brand Development

You can find the schedule of entrance competitions and apply for the new track on the official ITMO admissions website.