AM group. Life of bugs

The AM group is a collaboration of two Moscow-based sculptors who in this exhibition explore the life and philosophy of the misfits, the dreamers, the nonconformists. According to the artists, these slightly childish people are not unlike bugs – they don’t pursue any dominant positions, but instead they fly and contemplate the world. This exhibition gives its visitors the chance to discover their inner dreamers and dare to give them a voice.

“AC/DC”: minimalist music at the Philharmonia

Ready for some musical discoveries? St. Petersburg MolOt-Ensemble, one of the city’s youngest musical collectives to perform at the Grand Hall of the Philharmonia, invites you to dip your, well, ears, into minimalist and postminimalist music. As stated in the event’s description, don’t expect bold sound experiments – rather, you will find that this kind of music is full of allusions to the classics and pop genres among its contemporaries. Some of the pieces, such as David Lang’s Cheating, Lying, Stealing, will be performed in Russia for the first time. 

Multimedia concert From Marvel to Disney

This is a show for all the soundtrack geeks out there: here, you will get to hear music from your favorite films performed live with movie scenes projected onto the stage. Some of the films on the list are Up, Anastasia, Spider-Man, and Avengers – you can probably tell that an epic evening awaits just by these few titles. Here’s where to get the tickets.

On the big screen: Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre & Triangle of Sadness

The awards season is in full gear – which means it’s high time you caught up with some of the nominees. If you haven’t done so already, this weekend you’ll get the chance to watch Triangle of Sadness, the English-language debut of the Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund that was already acknowledged with the Palme d'Or and several prizes at the European Film Awards, and as of now has over a dozen nominations, including three for the Oscars. You should expect a dark satire on modern society set on a luxurious cruise. Showtimes and tickets here.

Not into awards and dark satire? You can probably never go wrong with a little Guy Ritchie – even though this latest production of his wasn’t received equally warmly by cinema buffs around the world. What will you make of Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre? You can see for yourself at 9:45 pm on Sunday. Find your ticket here.