Bachelor's programs

This year, more than 12,000 high school graduates applied for ITMO's tuition-free educational programs. According to the results of the Bachelor's program admission campaign, by August 8th, 2017 (the order for admission was issued on this date), 1,214 students were enrolled in state-sponsored position. 26 of these first years enrolled under the quota for target reception via a contract with Russia's high-tech industrial establishments, their average score being 82.2 points. What's more, 483 of them graduated from high school with top marks. The number of students who were accepted without entrance exams in 2017 doubled in comparison with last year and amounted to 384. Most of the students who were accepted on Bachelor's programs, about 70%, are from cities other than St. Petersburg, and come from 83 different regions of Russia.

The highest enrollment score was for the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics program: the average Unified State Exam score of the acceptees was 99.8 points. For Information Systems and Technologies, the average score for the Unified State Exam was slightly less - 99 points.

The average score for Technical Physics program track amounted to 94.7 points, for Biotechnology - 88.9 points, and 91.2 for Informatics and Applied Mathematics. The most popular program track in 2017 was Applied Computer Science,  the competition for which was 25.3 people per position.

Each year, more and more applicants compete for positions at ITMO University. In comparison with 2016, the average Unified State Exam score of applicants in 2017 for a single exam increased by 3.1 points to 90.0 points (out of a possible 100). 577 of students accepted received special bonuses and scholarships: 232 students received golden scholarships, 187 - silver and 158 - bronze. Six people got sports scholarships.

Master's programs

7,257 students applied for ITMO's Master's programs, which is a thousand more than in 2016. The competition has increased as well: 3,845 graduates applied for 171 educational programs. All in all, there were 2,470 tuition-free positions for Master's students in 37 program tracks. The competition for them was about 2.9 people per position. More than a half of those accepted (63.28%) were graduates from universities other than ITMO.

221 applicants entered Master's programs at ITMO University via a portfolio contest. The recently introduced opportunity to take the exams off-site was popular, as well: 32 of the new Master's students used it to enter the University.

The most popular Master's program track in 2017 was Management: the competition for it was 8.26 people per position; the second most popular was Urban Science with 7.2 people for each position for its Urban Development  program. Among the other in-demand programs (with competition exceeding 3 persons per position) were such program tracks as  Production Machines and Equipment, Information Systems and Technologies, Business informatics, Energy and resource-saving processes in chemical engineering, petroleum chemistry and biotechnology.

PhD programs

Apart from those who applied for ITMO's PhD programs via the Rossotrudnichestvo program of the Ministry of Education and Science, 650 applicants sent in their applications to ITMO. About 330 of them passed the selection: 270 were accepted on tuition-free positions, about 20 - as part of the Rossotrudnichestvo program, and 30 had to pay for their education.

More than 80 of the applicants - students from different regions of Russia, as well as other countries such as China, Vietnam, Egypt, Algeria and others, took their examinations off-site. In general, the competition for each program track exceeded 1.5 persons per position. Among the most popular program tracks were Informatics and Applied Mathematics, and Photonics, Optical and Biological Systems and Technologies, with the most competition for Earth Sciences (3.5 persons for position), Electro- and Thermal Engineering (3.6 persons for position) and Economics (11 persons per position).

The PhD students' admission results will be published on September, 1.

International Students

In 2017, the number of international students grew, as well. 640 international students were accepted on Bachelor's and Master's programs. Also, 165 students already applied for ITMO's Russian language preparatory courses, and the admission will continue until October, 1st. All in all, the university expects to welcome 200 new students by the end of admission.

This year, it was the first time that ITMO University in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science conducted entrance competitions for international students. The competition's winners got state-sponsored positions as part of quotas for education in Russian universities. 76 of them will come to study at ITMO this year. The most popular program tracks amongst international students were Informatics and Applied Mathematics,  Software Engineering, Information Systems and Technologies and Information Security.

25 of these students applied for ITMO's educational programs in English, the most popular being Machine Learning and Data Analysis.

All those accepted will get the chance to get the full experience of being an ITMO student during ITMO.GO - a great celebration for ITMO's new Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students. More detailed information about the event is here.