Pulkovo Airport

For the first time ever, Pulkovo Airport offers paid internships in several fields: data processing and transfer, communication and security systems, and airport production systems. During the internships, students will get the opportunity to try their hand at different activities and find out what they like most. Successful participants will be offered a job at the company.  

The internships start on October 24. To join, please send your CV and motivation letter explaining why you want to work at Pulkovo at students@pulkovo-airport.com. Applicant’s CV and motivation letter must be submitted before October 8.


The company offers two internships: one aimed at students majoring in technical fields, for example, electrical engineering, and the other for students specializing in logistics, management, economics, IT, HR and marketing. Both internships are paid and last for nine months; students work full-time five days a week.

Delovye Linii

One of the leading cargo carriage companies in Russia, Delovye Linii offers internships for students specializing in different areas, from business analytics and mathematics to programming and logistics. The internship lasts from two weeks to 1,5 months and includes communication with coordinators and solving real-life tasks. Upon successful completion, trainees will get a recommendation letter.

First bit

The First Bit company develops business automation solutions and is looking for implementation systems specialists. Successful candidates will start as programmers and then work as business analysts, developers, architects, etc. The internship lasts for one month.  


Tinkoff is looking for analysts for working on the company’s new products. Students are offered to take part in summer internships, as well as in special technical schools, which include lectures conducted by the company’s staff, who also give participants  homework and check on their progress. Apart from that, students are divided into several groups to work on joint projects. When the internship comes to an end, they present their projects to each other and to the company’s representatives. The best participants will get a job offer. In February, the company will launch technical schools in Android, Scally, and JS.


There are two types of internships at Coca-Cola: first, there is an unpaid internship for second-year students majoring in logistics, marketing, and PR, lasting for two months 20 hours a week. And there is another option, Rise Management Trainee Program, lasting for two years and aimed at talented students and young specialists ready to solve difficult real-life tasks. This internship is paid.

P&G (Gillette)

The Procter&Gamble (P&G) company, which owns such brand names as Ariel, Pantene, and Head&Shoulders, is looking for an engineer and a trainee in the production department. Candidates must be at least third-year students and have advanced English skills. If you’re interested, fill in the application form on the website, pass a test and several on-site interviews.