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  • Student Spotlight: Devtanu Bose, India

    All the way from Kolkata, India Devtanu is a Master’s student in robotics and artificial intelligence at ITMO. He is also an intern in Nancy, France where he is working on a project in thermal physics. In this interview, he shares his story of getting selected for this internship and successfully making it to France amidst travel restrictions. Besides studies, he is also a Real Madrid faithful and wishes to witness the Champions League final at the Stade de France in Paris.


  • PRO.ITMO Project: Helping Students Find Their Paths at ITMO From Student Clubs to Internships

    PRO.ITMO is a new project aimed at helping students learn all about the opportunities to be found at ITMO. For instance, there students can take part in workshops, join student clubs, or upgrade their skills. One of the project’s latest initiatives was a series of workshops by university staff and representatives of Russian companies held on October 19 - November 2. Read on to learn more about this event, as well as opportunities offered by PRO.ITMO.


  • ITMO PhD Student Karina Pats on Working in France During the Pandemic

    Karina Pats, a PhD student at ITMO’s Faculty of Information Technologies and Programming, studies the functioning of nuclear receptors using molecular dynamics and docking. She works actively together with the laboratory of Ferdinand Molnár at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan where she did her internship last spring. Thanks to the Erasmus+ program, now she got to work on a bioinformatics algorithm project at the University of Lorraine, Nancy (France). ITMO.NEWS talked to Karina Pats to learn more about life in France, new projects and colleagues, as well as landing an internship during the pandemic.


  • ITMO Master’s Student Tatiana Statsenko on Internship Abroad During COVID-19

    Tatiana Statsenko, a second-year Master’s student at ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster, has recently spent a month and a half doing an internship in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. There, together with her colleagues from the Saints Cyril and Methodius University, she explored the synthesis of perovskite nanocrystals. ITMO.NEWS talked to Tatiana to learn more about her work, internship, and experience of living abroad during the pandemic.


  • Biometrics in Corporate Security and Everyday Life

    How can computer vision replace dozens of cards, keys, and passes? Why is face recognition in demand among major companies? And how does ITMO Accelerator help startups that work in this field achieve enterprise orders? All these questions were discussed at a meeting with the founders of the O’Vision startup.


  • ITMO University Master’s Student Speaks About Her Internship at T-Systems

    Elizaveta Kotelnikova studies at ITMO University’s Industrial Programming Technologies Master’s program. Its corporate partner, T-Systems, subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, is a leader in the field of information technology. The program’s advantage is the opportunity to do an internship at this company as a student. We asked Elizaveta to share her experience of working at T-Systems, changing her field of studies after getting a Bachelor’s degree, and creating a project as part of an internship.


  • ITMO.DigitalCareerWeek’20 Goes Online

    On April 6-10, 2020 ITMO University’s Career Center hosted the ITMO.DigitalCareerWeek’20 online event. Over the course of the week, the organizers hosted six webinars and two Q&A sessions with 14 companies and raffled off several personal career consultations by top-tier professionals. Read on to learn more about how the new online format changed the event. 


  • ITMO University PhD Student Evgeniy Odlyanitskiy on Creating a Laser Facility During Isolation

    Last year, Evgeniy Odlyanitskiy, ITMO University Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information’s PhD student, was invited for a six-month long internship at the University of Bordeaux in France. In six months, the Russian-French research team was supposed to create a laser system that is able to take high-quality pictures of objects in terahertz frequency range with subwave resolution. At the moment, the only system of that kind is located in Japan. Evgeniy was supposed to create his own version to be applied in the field of biophotonics. Read on to learn more about his research process and achieved results in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • EMI in Practice: ITMO Staff Participate in an English as a Medium of Instruction Internship at Boston University

    A group of 15 ITMO University lecturers, including specialists from the Foreign Language Training Center, have participated in a three-week course at Boston University (the US). The program included theory and practice of English as a Medium of Instruction, as well as lectures and workshops delivered by experts of the American university. More about the lecturers’ experience in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Reach Out and Touch Science: Sirius Conference Participants at ITMO University

    From February 10 to 15, five students from Moscow, Kazan and Saint Petersburg took part in an internship at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering at ITMO University. Supervised by researchers and postgraduate students, they worked for a week on a real experiment with high-tech equipment. You can find on ITMO.NEWS information about what “smart labels” are and how to work on them, as well as what experience in general you can get from such internships.