Small Schedule for the Largest Grown-Ups Holiday!

If you're still in school - you're really lucky (yeah, I know, it may sound crazy, but it's true), you get to have fun with so much free time during every holiday and enjoy this sweet and lax part of our lives where studying is the main activity and purpose of existence. But if you’ve already passed this beautiful era - congratulations, you're finally able to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year - winter holidays! Our small list of the must-do things for this magical adventure of week-long freedom starting from Jan 1, when we can feel like children again.

The first is the most important, and truly Russian - to finish all the salads!

A Russian feast is worthy of all those jokes, and references in all those films where it flashed - because it is truly an impressive sight and incredible in its importance and craziness process.
Each family has its own ideas of what is the ideal New Year's table, but few people will give up on salad Olivier (even if someone replaces the terrible ham with chicken, meat, squids or TOFU), a few glasses of champagne and kholodets (gross!).


The most pleasant thing in the variety and quantity of food is that it is impossible to eat it in one or even two rounds - and it always stays for the first day of the new year. And it must be eaten - if possible, lazily, surrounded by the closest people and watching the most charming and cozy winter movie.
Enjoy your meal!

The second is almost as important, and the inevitable after point 1 - stay in bed all day!

Since real relaxation is a celebration of laziness and peace, you need to spend at least one day of vacation in bed! Do whatever you like - eat, sleep, watch British TV shows, play board games or build a fortress of pillows - just do it as leisurely and relaxed as you can.
And let the rest of the world wait!


Do something reckless and childish - for example, run away!

After a couple of days, from beginning to end filled with food, sleep, and screen stories, you have to save enough energy to want to move a little. So it's time to get away for a day - to the nearest snow-covered park, or to another country! Do not plan ahead, just take a friend and go for an adventure. The main rule is to dress according to the weather and laugh as much as possible.
And maybe get a little lost and lose your adulthood for a couple of hours!

And finally, you need to do the most responsible and important part of the new year holidays - visit all your relatives and friends, cause you just won't have time for this the rest of the year!

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

New Year and Christmas are truly family holidays, and family, as you know, is more than blood. Therefore, remember all those who you missed the whole year (yes, even your really annoying great aunt X), and who you rarely even have time to call, and spend an evening or two with them. Tell again all the ridiculous joint stories, and create a couple of new ones.

After all, winter holidays are a time to be free, funny and happy!

Have fun!

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