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  • Spend Your Evening at Home Like a Russian

    While there's always a lot to do in St. Petersburg, sometimes it's wise to just stay at home, especially with all this news about coronavirus. While wasting these hours on social networks or watching the next movie are always options, why not make it a device-free experience as well as learn a thing or two about Russian culture?


  • Speak Like a Russian: On Kvetching And How Things Go Wrong

    Since early December, I’ve been looking forward to see some real winter: sparkling white snow, chilling winds, lucid sunsets. Yet, all we get now are drizzling rain and cold mud. I don’t know about you, but I find this all very frustrating, which made me choose quite a specific topic for this article. Simply put, our today’s words will have to do with kvetching and bad things in general.


  • Soviet Movies For the Winter Holidays

    Whereas last year we offered you our take on the best internationally known holiday movies, this year let us introduce you to some of our favourite Russian holiday gems, which have shaped our culture and our New Year’s traditions. Enjoy! 


  • Speak like a Russian: New Year’s Words

    The New Year is almost here, and tomorrow evening will be celebration time. There will be congratulations, speeches and toasts – so let's learn a few basic expressions that’ll help you join in on the fun! 


  • New Year in Russia: Traditional Foods

    I’m not really a fan of various New Year traditions; I don't like the obligatory exchange of presents, and chopping down live trees just to throw them away in a week’s time doesn’t sound like a good idea, either. Still, there’s one custom that’s sacred to me – and that’s the New Year’s dinner, which is a very special event for almost every Russian. And since you can’t have a meal without food, it is the traditional Russian New Year foods that will be our topic today!


  • A Quick Getaway to Moscow: the Journey from St. Petersburg

    There are a lot of reasons to travel to Moscow from St. Petersburg and getting there can be a fun adventure in and of itself. For a city 700 km away, it’s surprisingly close. It may not be the geographical center of Russia, but it is its center in every other way. Moscow is the hub of all activity; where meetings and conferences are held; where people come from all around Russia to gather.


  • Speak Like a Russian: Getting Around, Part 2

    In one of our previous articles, we already touched upon the key Russian words that will help you get around: things like the types of public transport and a few associated expressions. This time, we’ll focus on the words that can help you find a specific place, and the few challenges you might face in the process.


  • Living History: Interactive Digital Projects to Help You Learn About Russia

    Feel like taking a walk with famous Russian authors? Making history-changing choices with politicians? Modern technologies have opened up new ways to learn about the world through the combination of data analysis and interactivity. It’s not about memorizing facts. It’s about seeing, feeling, walking, asking questions, and making your own connections. Here are just a few of the projects that will allow you to dive into many aspects of life in Russia, the Soviet Union, and even the Russian Empire.


  • Pickle Like a Russian

    Crunchy, refreshing and super easy to make – Russian dill pickles pack in all the autumn flavor and none of the fuss, turning you into an instant celebrity chef.


  • 5 Ways to Deal with Culture Shock

    Moving to a new country is a huge step even for an intrepid traveler. Now that the “honeymoon stage” of your experience - when things are new and exciting - might be giving way to the less exciting aspects of settling into your new environment, here are some strategies to help you adjust.


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