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  • Yekaterinburg: Discovering the Heart of the Urals

    On the intersection of Europe and Asia, Yekaterinburg brings out Russia's controversial nature and spoils guests with hearty pelmenis.


  • Tvorog: Russia’s Favorite Cheese

    White, crumbly and found in a wide variety of traditional desserts, this delicious cheese is something of a household staple in most Russian homes. But what is it? How do you say tvorog in English? And how does it taste?


  • Typical Russian Summer Part 2: The Best Childhood Memories

    Just in a blink of an eye the first half of the summer is gone, but that only means there’s a half more to go. What would that be like for an adventurous Russian kid?


  • Top 7 Surprising Russian Habits

    Every country has interesting customs and somewhat bizarre stereotypes that might surprise a foreign visitor or even a local millennial, and Russia is no exception. Knowing them just might come in handy, or at least make for great random trivia to stump your friends.


  • Typical Russian Summer Part 1: The Best Childhood Memories

    Sour cream on your nose, zelenka on your knees… Although the older you get the more opportunities you have, the brightest memories of summer usually come from our childhood. Let’s go undercover to discover all the perks of spending these hot, adventurous, and green months as a kid in a small town somewhere in our immense country.


  • Beyond Moscow: The Other Capitals of Russia

    What if the capital of Russia was somewhere else but Moscow? Here’s our list of cities that could surely compete for this honorable title.


  • Architectural Utopia: 5 Never-Implemented Soviet Projects

    What would St. Petersburg and Moscow have been like if...? Although history has already been written, sometimes it can be an eye-opening experience to see our what-ifs taking shape – at least on paper. If you can hardly imagine a different Russia, then take a look at these five architectural projects that, for better or worse, never got to see the light of day. From splendid palaces reaching to the sky to the Russian Eiffel Tower – here’s a glimpse into an alternative future of Russia.


  • Russia’s World Records: The Largest, The Coldest, and The Greatest

    From being the largest country in the world to demonstrating an impressive list of architectural and natural wonders – Russia has a number of records under its belt to amaze not only its guests but also its residents. What else does Russia hold the number-one spot in? Read on to explore the -ests of our beautiful country.


  • ITMO Celebrates Maslenitsa: Stories from Students and Staff

    Do you love pancakes? This week you can eat them to your heart’s content – it’s Maslenitsa week in Russia! This celebration is all about welcoming spring and yes, gorging on pancakes, or blini, as they’re called here. We asked our students to describe how they’re celebrating this traditional Russian holiday.


  • The Art of Gift-Giving in Russia

    Socks, flowers, frying pans? With several holidays around the corner, you are likely to be both giving and receiving gifts – both are important rituals in Russia. Here’s how to make the best of them.