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  • 5 Russian Streaming Services to Try in 2024

    If you're looking to indulge in your favorite shows or discover new genres, take a look at these top Russian streaming services and explore what they have to offer.


  • Sending Your Parcels in Russia and Beyond: Delivery Services 101

    Whether you are looking to send a box full of presents home or a souvenir to a friend in another Russian city, there are many options you can turn to in terms of delivery services. From slow and steady to fast and furious, here is how you can get your parcel delivered. 


  • International Student's Handbook: Student Slang at ITMO University

    Maga? Preza? Decode ITMO student lingo with our concise dictionary of slang words you might hear on-campus.


  • Speak Like a Russian: Here, There, and Everywhere

    Enjoy this hand-picked collection of Russian terms and expressions to help you shine in any daily setting, whether it’s in class, at a store, or anywhere in between.


  • Learning Russian: Beyond the Classroom

    It's no secret that learning Russian can be hard, but who says it has to be? Here's our rundown of great out-of-class activities, lovingly picked by our Russian teachers, learners, and yours truly, to help you make progress while having fun.


  • How to Find a Tutor in Russia

    Whether you feel like learning a new language, improving your skills in some area, or acing your next exam, tutors – or репетиторы (repetitory), as we call them in Russian – can help you out. Here are some tips on how to find the right teacher for you.


  • Russian Ads We Quote Every Day

    Previously, we’ve told you about the ads that, for one reason or another, stay with us for years on end. Today, we’re looking at the ones that have gone even further and entered our private lexicon – or even the public consciousness. Next time you hear a Russian friend say one of these puzzling lines, you might just know exactly what they’re talking about.


  • Handling Everyday Situations in Russian

    It takes courage to be an international student – in addition to the usual struggles of academic life, you’re also supposed to adjust to a whole new environment. This might be hard at first, but we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it. Let’s discuss what to say in three situations you’ll probably find yourself in while living in Russia.


  • Russian Texting Slang Explained

    If you still can’t get your head around the Russian smiley and all those acronyms, we’re here to help you crack the secret code and pick up some go-to phrases for your student group chats.


  • Best Russian Ads: From Soviet Times to Present Day

    Oh, the gems that the world of advertising sometimes supplies us with! Today, we tuned into our nostalgia and awe to pull together this extravaganza of Russian ads through the years. Enjoy!