Among other things, Coca-Cola HBC Russia specializes in organizing educational activities in collaboration with universities, including ITMO. Since the beginning of 2019, a total of 155 ITMO University students have visited the company’s production site in St. Petersburg. On February 19, March 19 and May 19, the company hosted a series of lectures for students of the Ambassador Program, a special initiative aimed at helping participants develop their leadership skills and eventually find employment at Coca-Cola Russia. Students can get all the necessary information about the program and other career opportunities at ITMO Career Center.

Apart from that, 2019 marked the launch of Youth Empowered, an educational platform for the youth which organizes practical courses for ITMO students. The platform offers online courses in such disciplines as financial literacy, business planning, project management, etc. You can also boost your soft skills there. All you need to do is to log in to the platform’s website and choose a program and a mentor. Upon completing the course, you’ll receive an official certificate which you can then use when applying for a job.

Signing a cooperation agreement between Coca-Cola HBC and ITMO University
Signing a cooperation agreement between Coca-Cola HBC and ITMO University

Signed by First Vice Rector of ITMO University Daria Kozlova and Head of Coca-Cola HBC Russia Alexander Maier on July 6, the cooperation agreement will be beneficial for both parties and allow the company and the university to work on joint projects more efficiently. Now it will be easier for ITMO students to get an internship at Coca-Cola. They’ll also be able to do research for their Bachelor’s and Master’s theses at the company’s facilities.

Alexander Maier notes that the company is interested in attracting highly-qualified specialists and graduates.

“ITMO University trains top specialists of the new generation who can easily adapt to the ever-changing strategies and goals and are quick learners. This is what distinguishes these new specialists from some more experienced staff who can share their experiences but cannot fully appreciate the changes. Generation Z is a completely different story,” says Alexander Maier.

Alexander Maier
Alexander Maier

The agreement will cover a whole range of areas:

  • ecological projects, including those aimed at the promotion of waste management;
  • volunteer projects (Donor Days, visits to orphan homes, and other initiatives);
  • inclusive agenda (events for students with mental disorders);
  • further development of the Youth Empowered program;
  • participation in expert panels;
  • sports programs;
  • career guidance tours to Coca-Cola HBC Russia;
  • lectures and public talks with the company’s top managers.

According to Alexander Maier, the work with ITMO University on the joint projects mentioned in the agreement has already started. On the day of the agreement was signed, the parties started making plans for the future, while the first results will be seen by the beginning of the new academic year.