Jax Code Academy Online Coding Bootcamp

  • April 4, 1pm to 6pm EDT (UTC-4)

If you ever wanted to try your hand at being a web developer, now’s your perfect chance, and this one-day mini bootcamp promises to equip you with all the basic skills you might need to further develop in this field over the stay-at-home weeks to come. Grab your keyboard and, who knows, it might be your website the world raves about next! 

3DHEALS Webinar: Can 3D Printing Save Us From COVID19 Crisis?

  • April 4, 8am to 9.30am PDT (UTC-7)

Curious to learn how new technology might help us cope with the current situation in the world? Or maybe you’re a 3D-printing enthusiast willing to use your skills for the greater good? Either way, this webinar featuring leading experts in the field as well as an open public Q&A session seems like a great opportunity to learn all the latest news from the cutting edge of science, and get a few ideas on how 3D printing might be set to save the world.

Virtual Developer Talks: How to Be a World-Class Developer

  • April 4, 9am to 12pm WIB (UTC+7)

If you always wanted to learn about developer experience straight from the horse’s mouth, then this week marks your dream coming true. This live Zoom conversation will not only feature a discussion of the latest programming trends, but also a live coding session for you to try applying them then and there.

Credit: Brett Jordan (@brett_jordan) on Unsplash.com

Credit: Brett Jordan (@brett_jordan) on Unsplash.com

Black Film Space Virtual Screenwriting Workshop

  • April 5, 3pm to 4.30pm EDT (UTC-4)

If you’ve ever considered leaving your past life behind, packing your bags to move to a quiet cabin somewhere in the woods, where you will write some of the best scripts this world has ever seen, or felt a desire to capture life as you see it in a form that others can understand, then this might be an event you’ve always needed to boost your creative abilities. Who says your own home cannot be your cabin of inspiration after all? 

Credit: Noah Buscher (@noahbuscher) on Unsplash.com

Credit: Noah Buscher (@noahbuscher) on Unsplash.com

A Socially Distant BioBlitz

  • April 5, 5am to 10pm (UTC-4)

Being stuck at home doesn’t always mean you have to forget all about the flora and fauna that’s blooming with life right about now, as proven by the requirements of this socially distant BioBlitz. All you need to become an observer is a smartphone, and any living organism you might spot – around your house or on your way to the grocery store. Take all the precautions you might need to stay safe, and head out on an adventure – be that to your pantry, your backyard or a nearby park