The Miracle of Light festival 

For the whopping two days, St. Petersburg dwellers will have the opportunity to marvel at a mystical garden with tulips measuring six to ten meters in height, gigantic butterflies with a 2.5-meter wingspan, ivy boughs that all together create a living creature’s heart, and a mahoosive branch of an otherworldly tree. Part of the Miracle of Light festival that will see light installations adorn St. Pete’s majestic Palace Square, the exposition can be explored in a quest format using an AR-powered app. The General Staff’s building facade will act as the centerpiece of the whole display, undergoing a transformation into a computer game interface with the help of augmented reality technologies. 

The video projection sessions will take place between 7 and 10pm, happening every half an hour. 

Corgi festival

One tentative interpretation of The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby, which we may or may not have come up with just now (holler for copyright, we’re open to collaborations), is that the song was written about people who desperately want a corgi but can’t have one. If you recognize yourself in that description, here comes the sun (doo doo doo): the Corgivin corgi festival is the perfect place for you this weekend. Come round to pet one of the cutest dog breeds on the planet and try to keep your cool and not squeak like a crazy-pants at the program, which includes a Halloween-themed costume contest (squeak!), live music, a quest and other fun stuff with prizes and gifts. The real question is, will the Queen, who’s famously very into corgis, come round? Suspense, suspense...

Diverse Begonia exhibition

Great news for houseplant enthusiasts out there! This weekend, the magnificent St. Petersburg Botanical Garden hosts a huge exhibition of begonia, one of the most incredible and diverse houseplant groups, with a seemingly endless number of hybrids, all completely different from each other. Featuring a vast selection of begonia ranging from tiny herbs to massive giants, the exhibition will take place in the Big Greenhouse among palm trees, bamboo and lianas, a real tropical heaven, which, we think, is particularly nice and comforting in this time of the year.

Harp in the Dark concert

Head to St. Petersburg Planetarium this Sunday, November 3, to enjoy a very unusual performance called Harp in the Dark by the extraordinary electric harpist Olga Maksimova. Uniting dozens of different styles and genres in her work, Olga creates a whole new kind of music at the intersection of academism and jazz music. The enthralling performance will only be enhanced by the grandiose interiors of St. Petersburg Planetarium, transporting you into another world.