Global Citizen: Together At Home 

Dozens of musicians and creators have joined the Together At Home initiative, hosting live shows on Instagram to raise funds for the WHO, whose recommendations we all duly follow on any day but especially today. All of the performances and recorded live streams are available now on the official Global Citizen YouTube channel, so you can head over there to turn your couch into a venue for the likes of Chris Martin, Bastille and The Lumineers. Who could have ever thought it possible, right? 

In other, even more exciting news, Global Citizen has collaborated with Lady Gaga to host a massive broadcast involving dozens of “today’s most notable entertainers” who will appear and perform during this legendary event hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert on Saturday, April 18. If that sounds like something you wouldn’t want to miss, then we recommend you check out the project’s official page to learn all the details. 

Eurovision Home Concerts 

If you are among the many Eurovision fans out there and are missing some freshly baked pop music from all over Europe that you could’ve experienced, no worries – like many other organizations, the Song Contest is finding ways to comfort your music-loving heart in this time of need. Apart from uploading full-length Grand Final shows from various years – themselves gems for us to reminisce on –, the organizers have recently started a Eurovision Home Concerts series with interviews and live performances by artists who were to take part in this year’s show. Get to know the future of music personally, if you will, and stay tuned for the upcoming episodes. 

The Something To Look Forward To Tour

What started as a project of personal shows from the house of one Tessa Violet has recently turned into live-streamed collaborations with her fellow musicians that, apart from live performances, incorporate interviews and discussions about the creative process, life on tour and many other experiences a modern artist has to deal with. Some revelations may yet follow, but so far the “tour” has featured dodie, Seth Earnest and Orla Gartland

NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts

Now, NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts are a dream for anyone out there looking to find new “niche” additions to their playlists at any time – outstanding live performances filmed in a, well, “tiny” working space. The shows are always homely and startle with the honesty and the sense of togetherness they evoke. Needless to say, their home editions do not lack these qualities, but now have an added feature of inviting you into the starting place of each musician’s creative process, enhancing the feeling of something guarded, almost sacred being shared. And that, we say, is what art is for.