According to Philip Kazin, Head of Department of Technological Management and Innovations, experts of ITMO U not only create new technologies, but also apply them to health service, urban, culture and art issues. That is why it was very important for them to discuss with international colleagues how technologies affect social processes.

“We seldom think of what a special time we live in. The things we realize today were created only 25-30 years ago. We take technologies for granted but they are integral part of our society. Nothing will work without them,” said Professor Peter Sloot, member of International Council of ITMO University. “Currently people don`t use machines for assistance, they become a part of a huge machine. It makes us think about tons of challenges that cannot be solved without collaboration,” noted the expert.

This conference became a communication platform for specialists in various fields. Apart from technical experts it attracts sociologists, experts in humanities and so forth.

“We were sent 164 papers, members of Program Committee reviewed all of them to choose 32 best works. All of them are based on experience of real people. I supposed that participants present excellent works that aim to solve up-to-date issues. As international reports Russian research works also meet modern requirements,” said Yuri Kabanov, professor at Department of Political Science, Higher School of Economics.

Digital Transformation and Global Society was a part of Week of Information Society`s Technologies initiated by ITMO U. The session of the Week are devoted to development of IT, e-libraries and interaction of data sources.