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  • AI Beauty Advisor, Text Encryptor, and Noise-Canceling Materials: Results of the Latest Demo Day at ITMO Accelerator

    Twice a year, around 60 student teams pitch their ideas at Demo Day after taking a three-month training course at ITMO Accelerator. For the second year running, the creators of the best startups are granted a 400,000-ruble grant and a free subscription to Yandex services from Yandex Cloud Boost. See below which projects won this year. 


  • Preaccelerator Programs for UMNIK Winners To Be Held at ITMO University

    As a winner of the competition organized by the Foundation For Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE), ITMO University is now authorized to conduct preaccelerator programs for recipients of the UMNIK grants. This will allow the university to encourage innovation and support young scientists and entrepreneurs more actively.


  • Yandex Cloud Boost Approved: Top Projects of ITMO Accelerator Demo Day 2023

    Every year, around 50 projects go through the ITMO Accelerator before presenting their results at Demo Day. From last year on, the creators of the best projects receive a 400,000-ruble grant and a free subscription to Yandex services from Yandex Cloud Boost. More on this year’s winners below.


  • ITMO’s Second Leadership Accelerator Opens Applications

    The ITMO/Leader accelerator is dedicated to developing key competencies of ITMO’s staff. Its participants will learn how to manage business processes, build teams, and create roadmaps. The program will start on March 13. Keep reading to find out more about the accelerator and how to sign up.


  • Top Projects of ITMO’s First FoodTech Accelerator

    In 2022, ITMO launched its first accelerator for foodtech projects, where participants learned to manage teams, choose the most appropriate markets for their products, and attract investments. Read on to learn more about the projects that went through to the final and were presented in front of experts.


  • Neftekod Team Proposes Solution for Longer-Lasting Roads in Russia

    On October 2, more than 150 participants from 15 Russian cities attended the Neftekod hackathon that gave a start to the series of joint events between ITMO University and Gazprom Neft’s Digital Downstream Accelerator. The hackathon was devoted to programming a formula for next-gen materials with greater flexibility and heat resistance that would pave the way for constructing more durable road surfaces. The event was supported by the Artificial Intelligence in Industry Association.


  • ITMO Accelerator Launches First Program to Support FoodTech Startups

    Apart from the regular acceleration program, this year, ITMO Accelerator launches a special track for foodtech projects, where participants will be guided by Uralchem Innovation and the university’s own experts. Those joining the program will learn to manage a team, choose markets, and find investors for their foodtech startups. The best startup teams will have the chance to launch their projects with the partner company. Here is all you need to know about the new program.


  • Best Startup Projects at ITMO Accelerator’s Demo Day 2022

    Twice a year, ITMO Accelerator is running a three-month course for would-be entrepreneurs striving to learn to develop ideas from scratch, attract investments, find strategic partners, and, finally, present their ideas to experts. With another Demo Day passed, ITMO.NEWS prepared a brief recap of ITMO Accelerator’s Demo Day 2022. Keep reading to discover its top projects!


  • ELS Access Co-Founder Evgeny Voronin on Shared Parking

    In July, ELS Access, a startup that supports shared parking spaces, became a runner-up at ITMO Accelerator. The team proposed an app that allows users to rent parking spaces both short- and long-term. ITMO.NEWS talked to Evgeny Voronin, the head of development at ELS Access, to learn more about shared parking in Russia, the project’s target audience, and their future plans.


  • How to Launch an IT Startup

    According to a VK Business survey conducted in 2019, almost two-thirds of Russians would like to open a business. At the same time, more than half of the respondents were sure that it’s not an easy thing to do. It makes sense, as 64% of Russian startuppers have a negative experience in business, according to research by the Startup Barometer company held in 2018. However, an aspiring entrepreneur is more likely to succeed if they know what a business project is and how to approach it. That’s why ITMO.NEWS together with ITMO’s Technopark and ITMO Accelerator have compiled some advice on what prospective entrepreneurs should keep in mind.