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  • AI Diagnostics and Virus Hunting: Projects of Young Genetic Scientists at ITMO University

    ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School (AES) summed up the results of Bioinformatics Bootcamp. Participants of the event explored modern data analysis methods and worked on bioinformatics projects, including studying animal genomes, searching for new types of bacteria, and building machine learning models. The hackathon drew over 100 people from all over Russia. Here are the highlights.


  • Digital Happiness: Winning Solutions from Be ITMO Hackathon

    The recent Be ITMO hackathon brought together over 100 participants, who spent four days developing their prototypes of digital services that can help students get the most of their university life. Winners of the hackathon shared the 220,000 rubles prize fund and secured their chance of implementing their projects with the university’s tech teams. 


  • Hackathon To Develop New Skills for Yandex’s Virtual Assistant Concludes at ITMO

    Yandex’s virtual assistant, Alice, has developed several new skills thanks to the hackathon organized by ITMO’s Higher School of Digital Culture in cooperation with the company. The competition took place on March 4-26. The new functions include assisting students during exams and even helping users connect with potential friends.


  • Spelling a Story Bit by Bit: How To Get Into Data Journalism

    In a world overflowing with data, we rely on big data analysts to process, categorize, analyze, and visualize it all. But if we want to make sense of this data and turn it into a digestible socially-relevant story, we will need the skills of data journalists. As the volume of data we produce increases, so does the demand for these all-around experts in analysis, storytelling, and visualization. Read on to find out more about data journalism and where you can learn to do it.


  • ITMO Students Develop Smart Armband for Monitoring Hospital Patients

    Medsled, a team from ITMO University, has developed a concept of a smart armband for monitoring the condition of hospital patients. Unlike its competitors, the new solution doesn’t have a screen and can transport data directly into a medical information system. The concept won the Smart Medical Technologies hackathon held by the university at the recent St. Petersburg International Health Forum. Read on to learn more about this and other solutions developed by ITMO students, including a fundus camera, a portable electromyograph, and another smart armband.


  • Neftekod Team Proposes Solution for Longer-Lasting Roads in Russia

    On October 2, more than 150 participants from 15 Russian cities attended the Neftekod hackathon that gave a start to the series of joint events between ITMO University and Gazprom Neft’s Digital Downstream Accelerator. The hackathon was devoted to programming a formula for next-gen materials with greater flexibility and heat resistance that would pave the way for constructing more durable road surfaces. The event was supported by the Artificial Intelligence in Industry Association.


  • ITMO Students and St. Petersburg Locals Visualize The City’s Name Using a Neural Network

    Students of AI Talent Hub hackathon, a joint project by ITMO and Napoleon IT, used a special neural network to produce new logos for St. Petersburg after analyzing thousands of handwritten notes by its citizens.


  • AI + Chemistry: Reasons to Join ITMO’s DataCon

    From July 19 to August 1, ITMO’s SCAMT Institute is holding DataCon, a free online workshop and hackathon for school and university students, where participants will learn to solve chemical problems using AI and machine learning and build predictive models based on aggregated data. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming event.


  • Applied AI Challenge: Winners’ Tips and New Opportunities for Participants

    Applied AI Challenge, an online hackathon in machine learning and data analysis, will launch at ITMO on May 17. This year, it is organized in partnership with Tochka Bank and Gazprom Neft’s Science and Technology Center. Winners will be able to enroll into Master’s programs Big Data Financial Technologies and AI in the Industry without exams. Read on to learn why you should participate in hackathons, how to take part in Applied AI Challenge, and what to expect from the contest. 


  • ITMO’s Megabyte Media Announces New Data Journalism Hackathon

    The Federal Agency for Youth Affairs has announced the results of this year’s national contest for university-based youth projects. ITMO’s student media Megabyte won one of the 2 million ruble grants. Since 2015, Megabyte has been running ScienceMedia, a national student forum, and this year’s event will be supported by the grant. Here is what to expect at the forum.