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  • Discovery of the Month: Art World, Mobile Games, and More

    Every last Friday of the month, we look back on the past weeks to share our most enlightening, unexpected, and thrilling discoveries. From education to entertainment, these are the things that have made an impact on our everyday lives – and we believe they’ll do the same for you.


  • Discovery of the Month: Digital Budgeting, Wardrobe Revelations, and More

    Every month, we look back on all the things we’ve learned, experienced, and reconsidered over the past four weeks. From smarter ways to track your spending and maintaining mindfulness – to rethinking your ‘fit and kitchen hacks: though they may seem mundane, they’ve all made our lives a little bit better, and we believe they’ll do the same for you.


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: November 9-15, 2023

    The coming week has in itself a bit of something mysterious, futuristic, and even rebellious. Read on to find out what you are about to experience.


  • Student Spotlight: Mohammad Asiful Islam, Bangladesh

    Meet Mohammad Asiful, a new student from Bangladesh who has recently embarked on an academic journey at ITMO. Asiful is currently enrolled in the Foundation Program, where he's learning Russian language and culture. In this conversation, he will graciously share his extraordinary journey, from how he first learned about Russia to his dreams and ambitions as a student at ITMO. Join us as we delve into the unique experiences of Md. Asiful on this educational odyssey.


  • Our Guilty Pleasure Songs

    Sure, we’d all prefer to be seen as sophisticated enjoyers of the most refined tunes. But deep inside, everyone knows there’s no feeling better than rocking out to a fun tune, even if you’ll look ridiculous doing it. Here are some of our team’s most secretive guilty pleasures – brought to light.


  • Song of the Month: Our Summer Anthems

    Summer has neared its end, and we’re already excited to see it return next year. In the meantime, we’re making the most of the remaining few weeks of warmth and relishing the memories made over those sunny months. Helping us in this endeavor are the tunes we’ve been listening to – joyous, hopeful, chill, or upbeat, but all symbolic of this wonderful season. Check them out!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: July 1-2, 2023

    Rain or shine, nothing can get in the way of a festival-rich weekend ahead that will sound like your new favorite bands, Russian chart-topping hits – and Tarantino's movies. Fret not, we've got plans for when it’s more rain than shine, too.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: June 17-18, 2023

    If this weekend were a dessert, it would be a tiramisu. Why, you ask? Well, tiramisu literally means "pick me up" – and that's what we have here, a perfect pick-me-up made of several trendy expos and brushed with a mixture of even more art and some disco moves. Enjoy!


  • Our White Nights Soundtrack

    It is the most magical time of the year in St. Petersburg. We’re talking about the white nights, of course! Whether you prefer to enjoy them out on the town or from the comfort of your room, in a rowdy crowd of friends or by your lonesome, one fact is true: you need a soundtrack. Here are our favorites for any scenario, taste, and mood.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: May 6-9, 2023

    Dust off your golf skills, light the water on a magical night, and enjoy spring with the cherry blossom season – this long weekend brings us a series of standout springtime activities and events to keep you busy.