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  • The Process of Making Music

    Greetings, reader. Today we will talk about such an interesting process as creating music. I am a musician and for 4 years I have been writing music. Have I been successful? Relatively. Due to my perfectionism, I could not begin to finish projects for a long time. But recently, I started writing material that I really like. And so now I will introduce you to my craft.


  • The Best of Upcoming Music Concerts in St. Petersburg in 2020

    It is already the beginning of 2020, so the new concert season is ready for its kick-off. Even though most of the summer festivals haven’t revealed their line-ups yet and we will get many surprises later, a bunch of shows have already been announced. Here’s a quick overview of seven most interesting, in my opinion, music events that will happen in St. Petersburg in 2020!