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  • Make Your Own IT Project With VK Mini Apps

    You don’t need to be a developer or work at an IT company to make your own digital product. With VK Mini Apps, anyone can create one. Recently, the service’s DevRel Dmitry Zadokhin presented the platform at an open talk at ITMO. Here are the main takeaways from the event. 


  • Kotlin Creator Andrey Breslav on His Psychotherapy Finder Service

    Andrey Breslav, an ITMO graduate, the creator of the Kotlin programming language, and co-founder of the Alter service that helps find a mental health professional that suits you, gave an open lecture as part of the Mental Health Month. He spoke of his personal path to psychotherapy, his work on Alter, the promotion of psychology, and struggling against social stigmas. 


  • Biologist Dmitry Zhukov on Stress, Depression, and Displacement Activities

    As part of the Mental Health Month, ITMO University arranged a lecture on stress and ways to deal with it, given by Dmitry Zhukov, a biologist, professor at the Pavlov Institute of Physiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, writer, laureate of the Enlightener Prize, and author of the best-selling book Стой, кто ведет? Биология поведения человека и других зверей (Stop, Who’s Leading? Biology of Human and Animal Behavior). He discussed the biological meaning of stress in humans and animals, ways of dealing with it, and how to minimize the harm it causes. ITMO.NEWS has prepared a summary of the lecture.


  • Interview With Dr. Alfried Laengle: Doing Something That Makes You Happy Is Enough

    Dr. Alfried Längle is a well-known Austrian psychologist and psychotherapist, who founded a new approach in psychotherapy called Existential Analysis, grounded in the existential philosophy and phenomenology as well as in the ideas of Viktor Frankl with whom Dr. Längle was collaborating many years. Existential Analysis looks for a deeper meaning in life that can provide inner fulfillment, a serious feeling of happiness, because our inner commitment to what we do is what makes our lives happy and fulfilled. But how do you find this deeper meaning in the multitude of possibilities open to us nowadays? How do you avoid the temptation to choose what seems to be an easier way to happiness? How do you stop regretting your choices and worrying about missed opportunities?


  • The Future of Hard Drives: Hot Bits and Laser Recordings

    Alexandra Kalashnikova, head of the Ferroics Physics Laboratory at the Ioffe Institute and an associate professor at ITMO, has given a public talk at the Open Lectorium at New Holland Island. In an hour, she explained why we still use magnetic hard drives and will keep doing so in the coming decades. 


  • A Guide to the World of Science Fiction

    Isaac Asimov, Stanisław Lem, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Robert Heinlein, Liu Cixin – the list of sci-fi writers goes on and on. But how can you start your journey to the world of science fiction without getting lost? What is the importance of books in our life? And is it possible to become a genius by reading science fiction? During an online meeting, Olga Lakhtacheva, curator of the LUFF fantasy and science fiction club, and Maria Andreyanova, a popularizer of Ray Bradbury's work and an employee of the library named after Alexander Griboyedov answered these and many other questions.


  • How Citizen Science Helps Drive Research Forward

    On Russian Science Day, the Russian Association for Science Communication (AKSON) together with ITMO University, the Higher School of Economics (HSE), and Ural Federal University convened a meeting dedicated entirely to citizen science.


  • Venture Capitalist Dmitry Kulish on Business Unicorns and Why Not Chase Them

    There is no startup on the market that would not want to become a business unicorn but very few actually achieve this. What is behind their success: hidden knowledge, skills, or just luck? In a lecture, Dmitry Kulish, a PhD in biology, a professor at Skoltech’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, head of the Innovation Workshop, and venture capitalist, explained why it is harmful to compare your startup to unicorns, why seemingly brilliant ideas tend to fail, and what is behind the success of any innovative product. Here are the main takeaways of the talk.


  • Aquaformations and Communication With Nature: Artist Talk With Robertina Sebjanic

    On January 21, ITMO University’s Art & Science Center hosted a meeting with Robertina Sebjanic, an artist and a researcher. ITMO.NEWS provides the rundown.


  • Break Down by Atoms: Obsession-Free Eco-Lifestyle and Space Explorations

    Every month, the Break Down by Atoms popular science talk show by the Informational Center for Atomic Energy brings together all kinds of people who enjoy exploring the world of science. As always, several experts from entirely different fields give short talks on a common topic – the first event in 2021 was dedicated to balance.